Siblings Cally Hansen ’21 and Ethan Hansen ’23 like sharing the Ripon experience

Ripon College has a long tradition of Legacy students, those whose siblings, parents and other close relatives also have chosen to be educated at Ripon. In celebration of National Siblings Day on Saturday, April 10, we highlight two siblings currently attending Ripon.

Cally Hansen ’21 and Ethan Hansen ’23 of Franksville, Wisconsin, have found that having a sibling on campus has many benefits. Cally, a biology major with a criminal justice minor, was the first in her family to attend Ripon. Ethan joined the Ripon family two years later as an English major with minors in educational studies and music. “When I visited Ripon, I fell in love with the campus — was really interested in the prairie — and was really impressed by the curriculum,” she says. “Coming from a smaller town, I liked the idea of a smaller and more intimate campus.”

Ethan had a similar reasoning. “I loved the idea of the small classes, easy walking distances, and wide choice of classes in the liberal arts curriculum,” he says.

While Cally and their parents tried to not be too much of an influence on where Ethan went to school, Ethan says that his sister being here was one reason he wanted to attend Ripon. “Knowing that I would have a person that I am close with made it far easier to transition away from my hometown,” he says. “I always know I have a friend only a few buildings away and, if I need to escape for a bit, we can always hop in a car for a few hours, get coffee and sing along to the music we listened to together in high school.”

He says the siblings get along really well — “most of the time!” — so for him it’s having a constant friend regardless of what is happeing in his life. “We try to hang out at least once a week or so and, more often than not, spend a lot of these times parked in the Taco Bell parking lot screaming all the words to the Twenty One Pilots album ‘Vessel.’ Our family thought at first that it was odd that we were going to the same place (they figured we’d want to get away from each other), but overall they were very supportive. Cally and i always had similar interests and overlapping friend groups in high school, so the transition didn’t feel like that much of a change to how things were.”

Cally says she enjoys having her brother on campus. “We are really close and have been for years, so it was like having that extra friend and confidant on campus,” she says. “There are times when I will just show up in his room or he will come to mine, and we just talk and hang out. It’s going to feel strange not having him within a few minutes’ walk when I graduate in May. It’s also nice knowing that if something happens, he’s there and I can talk to him since we have each other’s backs.”

The arrangment also works out well for their family since they don’t have to worry as much about travel, and the whole family can spend time together when their parents visit.

Other current siblings groups at Ripon include:

  • Abby ’22 and Austin ’21 Anderson of Evansville, Wisconsin
  • Luke ’23 and Marcus ’21 Austin of Delphi, Indiana
  • Nathaniel ’23 and Samuel ’24 Clark of North Henderson, Illinois
  • Ava ’21 and Theodore ’22 Conrad of Ripon, Wisconsin
  • Breanna ’24 and Kira ’24 Dampier of Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Callista ’21 and Sullivan ’21 DeCramer of Princeton, Wisconsin
  • Erik ’24 and Phillip ’24 Frafjord of Sussex, Wisconsin
  • Aaron ’21 and Andrew ’22 Kurcz of Huntley, Illinois
  • Lorenzo Magsayo ’23 and Kapena Marasigan-Magsayo ’24 of Chandler, Arizona
  • Lane ’24 and Logan ’23 Meyer of Rosendale, Wisconsin
  • Devon ’24 and Dylon ’22 Ross of Moline, Illinois
  • Cheyanne ’23 and Daniel ’24 Saylor of Markesan, Wisconsin

Zoe Hazel ’22
Friendship, Wisconsin

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