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Jeremy Adolphson

Adolophson, Jeremy

Visiting Assistant Professor of Communications

Amira Albagshi

Albagshi, Amira

Assistant Professor of Educational Studies

Robert Amsden

Amsden, Robert

Professor Emeritus of Theatre, Doreen '73 and David Chemerow Chair in Theatre

Katie Astrauskas

Astrauskas, Catherine "Katie"

Professor of Exercise Science, Head Coach of Volleyball, Senior Women Administrator and Assistant Athletic Director - Compliance

Mary Avery

Avery, Mary

Emerita Professor of Business Management, Adjunct Instructor

Brian Azinger

Azinger, Brian

Head Athletic Trainer

Brett Barwick

Barwick, Brett

Associate Professor of Physics, Harrison E. Farnsworth 1918 Endowed Chair in Physics

man named brian with brown hair and beard

Bockelman, Brian

Professor of History

Lillian Brown

Brown, Lillian C.

Assistant Professor of Theatre

A headshot of Erin Bryan.

Bryan, Erin K.

Assistant Professor of Music and Voice Area Coordinator

Lauren Busalacchi

Busalacchi, Lauren

Adjunct Instructor of Exercise Science, Head Coach of Women's Basketball

Colleen Byron

Byron, Colleen

Professor of Chemistry, L. Leone Oyster 1919 Chair in Chemistry

Jacqueline Clark

Clark, Jacqueline

Professor of Sociology, Helen Swift Neilson Professor of Cultural Studies

Coles, Rick

Professor of Exercise Science, Associate Head Coach of Football

Peter Conlon

Conlon, Peter

Assistant Librarian - Access Services

Adjunct Instructor of Music Christopher Cramer playing guitar

Cramer, Christopher

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Guitar)

Ursula Dalinghaus

Dalinghaus, Ursula M.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

John Dalziel 2019

Dalziel, John

Professor of Theatre, Chair & Chemerow Chair of Theatre Department

Sarah Desotell

Desotell, Sarah

Adjunct Professor of Physics

Paul Dietrich

Dietrich, Paul

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Jazz)

Nicholas Eastman

Eastman, Nicholas

Associate Professor of Educational Studies, Pieper Family Chair in Servant Leadership

Marc Eaton

Eaton, Marc

Associate Professor of Sociology, Chair of Sociology and Anthropology Department

Elford, Scott

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Percussion)

Brittany Followay

Followay, Brittany

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science, Chair of Exercise Science, Graduate Program Director

Victoria N. Folse

Folse, Victoria N.

President and Professor of Psychology

Robin Forbes-Lorman

Forbes-Lorman, Robin

Associate Professor of Biology

Sarah Frohardt-Lane

Frohardt-Lane, Sarah

Associate Professor of History, Chair of History Department

Meg Gannon Portrait

Gannon, Megan

Associate Professor of English, Chair of English Department

Richard Gerstein

Gerstein, Richard

Adjunct Instructor of Economics

ben grady

Grady, Benjamin R.

Associate Professor of Biology, Director of Environmental Studies Program

Yukiko Grine

Grine, Yukiko

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Orchestra)

Geoff Guevara-Geer

Guevara-Geer, Geoff

Associate Professor of Spanish

Soren Hauge

Hauge, Soren

Patricia Parker Francis Professor of Economics, Chair of Economics and Business Management Department

Paul Jeffries

Jeffries, Paul

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Chair of Philosophy Department

Jessica Jensen posing with her trumpet

Jensen, Jessica A.

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Brass)

Mark Kainz

Kainz, Mark

Professor of Biology, Patricia and Philip McCullough Class of 1969 Professor in Biology

Tom Keuler

Keuler, Thomas

Instructor of Business Management, CPA

Memuna Khan

Khan, Memuna

Professor of Biology, Chair of Biology Department

Captain Klotz

Klotz, Captain Paul

Assistant Professor of Military Science

Matt Knoester Portrait

Knoester, Matthew

Professor of Educational Studies, Chair of Educational Studies Department

Kristine Kovack-Lesh

Kovack-Lesh, Kristine

Professor of Psychology

Deb MacKenzie

MacKenzie, Deb

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Piano)

Julia Manor

Manor, Julia

Associate Professor of Psychology, Chair of Psychology Department and Director of Assessment

Steve Martin '96

Martin, Steven

Professor of Communication, Chair of Communication Department

Becky Matzke

Matzke, Rebecca Berens

Professor of History, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and the Ralph Hale Ruppert Distinguished Professor of American History, Principles and Traditions

Erin Munro Krull

Munro Krull, Erin C.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and the Mark and Janice Franzen Professorship in Applied Mathematics

Bryan Nell

Nell, Bryan

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

William Nelson

Nelson, William

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Single Reeds)

Travis Nygard

Nygard, Travis

Professor of Art

Mollie Oblinger

Oblinger, Mollie

Professor of Art and Director of the Caestecker Gallery

Christina Othon Portrait

Othon, Christina

Associate Professor of Physics

Jandelyn Plane

Plane, Jandelyn Dawn

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Ann Pleiss Morris

Pleiss Morris, Ann

Associate Professor of English

Sandy Polcyn

Polcyn, Sandra

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Double Reeds)

Dominique Poncelet

Poncelet, Dominique

Professor of French and the Marie Zarwell Uihlein Chair in Classical Studies and Chair of the Department

Andrew Prellwitz

Prellwitz, Andrew

Librarian-User Services and Director of Lane Library

Timothy Reed

Reed, Timothy

Professor of Spanish and Associate Dean for the Catalyst Curriculum

Marco Rhein

Rhein, Marco

Adjunct Instructor of Biology and Head Coach of Men's Soccer

Jean Rigden Portrait

Rigden, Jean

Director of Teacher Education

Jody Roy

Roy, Jody

Professor of Communication, The Victor and Carrie Palmer Endowed Chair for Leadership Values

Sackman, Marc

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Flute)

Rafael Francisco Salas

Salas, Rafael Francisco

Professor of Art and Chair of Art Department

Henrik Schatzinger

Schatzinger, Henrik

Professor of Political Science, Chair of Political Science Department and Director for the Center for Politics and the People

Emily Schultz

Schultz, Emily

Assistant Professor of Psychology

David Scott Portrait

Scott, David W.

Associate Professor of Mathematics, Chair of Mathematical Sciences Department

Peter Sensenbrenner

Sensenbrenner, Peter

Instructor of Business Management

Toby Shucha Portrait

Shucha, Tobin C.

Assistant Professor of Music, Chair of Music Department and Director of Music Education and Bands

Sirovina, Jackie

Adjunct Instructor of Political Science

John Sisko

Sisko, John

Vice President and Dean of Faculty, Professor of Philosophy

Barbara Sisson

Sisson, Barbara

Associate Professor of Biology

Herve Some Portrait

Some, Touorizou Herve

Associate Professor of Educational Studies

Sorenson, Steven

Adjunct Instructor of Political Science and Pre-Law Advisor

Charles Stephan

Stephan, Charles

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Low Strings)

Stepleton, Ian

Adjunct Instructor of Journalism

Stevens, Margaret

Professor Emerita of Biology

Paul Thompson

Thompson, Paul

Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities

Mirachle-Rose Toppar

Toppar, Miracle-Rose

Assistant Professor of Economics and Business Management

Mary Unger

Unger, Mary

Associate Professor of English and Director of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Robert Wallace

Wallace, Robert

Professor of Biology Emeritus

Steve Wammer

Wammer, Steve

Adjunct Instructor of Exercise Science, Associate Athletic Director, Head Softball Coach

Yuan Wang

Wang, Yuan

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Jeanne Williams

Williams, Jeanne

Adjunct Emeritus Professor of English

Patrick Willoughby

Willoughby, Patrick

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Skip Wittler

Wittler, George "Skip"

Professor Emeritus of Biology, Director of Ceresco Conservancy

Michele Wittler

Wittler, Michele

Associate Dean of Faculty and Registrar

Zhang Fan

Zhang, Fan

Assistant Professor of Business Management