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Robert Amsden

Amsden, Robert

Professor Emeritus of Theatre, Doreen '73 and David Chemerow Chair in Theatre

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Katie Astrauskas

Astrauskas, Catherine "Katie"

Associate Professor of Exercise Science, Athletic Administrator, Head Coach of Volleyball

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Brian Azinger

Azinger, Brian

Head Athletic Trainer

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Brett Barwick

Barwick, Brett

Associate Professor of Physics, Harrison E. Farnsworth 1918 Endowed Chair in Physics

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Bates, Kenneth L.

Adjunct Professor of Educational Studies

Betler, Dawn

Adjunct Instructor of Educational Studies

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man named brian with brown hair and beard

Bockelman, Brian

Professor of History

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Lillian Brown

Brown, Lillian C.

Faculty Fellow of the Theatre Department

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A headshot of Erin Bryan.

Bryan, Erin K.

Assistant Professor of Music and Voice Area Coordinator

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Colleen Byron

Byron, Colleen

Professor of Chemistry, L. Leone Oyster 1919 Chair in Chemistry

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Jacqueline Clark

Clark, Jacqueline

Professor of Sociology

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Coles, Rick

Professor of Exercise Science, Assistant Coach of Football

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Cordas, Kyle

Captain, Assistant Professor of Military Science

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Ursula Dalinghaus Portrait

Dalinghaus, Ursula M.

Visiting Professor of Anthropology

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John Dalziel 2019

Dalziel, John

Professor of Theatre, Chair & Chemerow Chair of Theatre Department

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Paul Dietrich

Dietrich, Paul

Adjunct Instructor of Music

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Nicholas Eastman

Eastman, Nicholas

Assistant Professor of Educational Studies

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Eaton, Jeremy

Assistant Professor of Military Science, Sergeant First Class

[email protected]

Marc Eaton

Eaton, Marc

Associate Professor of Sociology, Chair of Sociology and Anthropology Department

[email protected]

Ron Ernst

Ernst, Ronald

Professor of Exercise Science, Head Coach of Football, Assistant Athletic Director

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Brittany Followay

Followay, Brittany

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

[email protected]

Robin Forbes-Lorman

Forbes-Lorman, Robin

Assistant Professor of Biology

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Sarah Frohardt-Lane

Frohardt-Lane, Sarah

Associate Professor of History, Chair of History Department, Director of Environmental Studies

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Meg Gannon Portrait

Gannon, Megan

Associate Professor of English

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ben grady

Grady, Benjamin R.

Assistant Professor of Biology

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Geoff Guevara-Geer

Guevara-Geer, Geoff

Associate Professor of Spanish, Chair of Foreign Languages and Cultures Department

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Tom Hamami

Hamami, Tom

John Barlow Murray '37 and Nellie Weiss Murray '37 Professor of Economics

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Adjunct Instructor of Music Mishan Han

Han, Mishan

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Orchestra Conductor

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Joe Hatcher

Hatcher, Joe

Professor of Psychology, Chair of the Psychology Department, Pieper Family Chair of Servant Leadership

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Soren Hauge

Hauge, Soren

Patricia Parker Francis Professor of Economics, Chair of Economics and Business Management Department

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Huesman, Mikayla

Assistant Coach of Women's Soccer

Ivey, Thomas

Chair of Military Science Department

Paul Jeffries

Jeffries, Paul

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Chair of Philosophy Department

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Jessica Jensen posing with her trumpet

Jensen, Jessica A.

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Brass)

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Mark Kainz

Kainz, Mark

Professor of Biology, Associate Dean for the Catalyst Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator, Patricia and Philip McCullough Class of 1969 Professor in Biology

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Dean Katahira

Katahira, Dean

Professor of Chemistry Emeritus

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Tom Keuler

Keuler, Thomas

Instructor of Business Management, CPA

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Memuna Khan

Khan, Memuna

Professor of Biology, Chair of Biology Department

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Matt Knoester Portrait

Knoester, Matthew

Associate Professor of Educational Studies

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Kristine Kovack-Lesh

Kovack-Lesh, Kristine

Professor of Psychology

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McKenzie Lamb

Lamb, McKenzie

Professor of Mathematical Sciences

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Lieske, Michael

Recruiting/Scholarship Officer, Fox Valley ROTC Department

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Eddie R. Lowry Jr.

Lowry Jr., Eddie

Professor Emeritus of Greek, Professor of Latin, Marie Zarwell Uihlein Chair in Classical Studies

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Deb Mackenzie

Mackenzie, Deb

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Piano)

female professor, Sarah, with glasses and scarf

Mahler Kraaz, Sarah

Professor of Music Emerita

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Steve Martin '96

Martin, Steven

Professor of Communication, Chair of Communication Department, Mentor for Oral Communication and Collaboration Skills (Catalyst Curriculum)

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Rebecca Matzke

Matzke, Rebecca Berens

Associate Dean for Faculty Development, Ralph Hale Ruppert Distinguished Professor of History

[email protected]

Barbara McGowan

McGowan, Barbara

Professor of History Emerita, Delmar D. Wensink Professor of Political Economy

[email protected]

headshot of Julia Manor

Meyers-Manor, Julia

Associate Professor of Psychology

[email protected]

Mockridge, Diane

Professor of History

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Erin Munro-Krull

Munro Krull, Erin C.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and the Mark and Janice Franzen Professorship in Applied Mathematics

[email protected]

William Nelson

Nelson, William

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Saxophone)

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Travis Nygard Portrait

Nygard, Travis

Associate Professor of Art History, Director of the Caestecker Art Gallery

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Mollie Oblinger
Christina Othon Portrait

Othon, Christina

Associate Professor of Physics

[email protected]

Ann Pleiss Morris

Pleiss Morris, Ann

Associate Professor of English

[email protected]

Sandra Polcyn

Polcyn, Sandra

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Oboe, Bassoon)

[email protected]

Dominique Poncelet

Poncelet, Dominique

Professor of French and Francophone Studies

[email protected]

Timothy Reed

Reed, Timothy

Professor of Spanish

[email protected]

Jean Rigden Portrait

Rigden, Jean

Director of Teacher Education

[email protected]

Jody Roy

Roy, Jody

Professor of Communication, The Victor and Carrie Palmer Endowed Chair for Leadership Values

[email protected]

Sackman, Marc

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Flute)

[email protected]

Rafael Francisco Salas

Salas, Rafael Francisco

Professor of Art and Chair of Art Department

[email protected]

Joseph Scanlon

Scanlon, Joseph

Professor of Chemistry, Chair of Chemistry Department

[email protected]

Schaeffer, Israel

Captain, Military Science Department

[email protected]

Henrik Schatzinger

Schatzinger, Henrik

Professor of Politics and Government, Chair of Politics and Government Department

[email protected]

Schumacher, Karlyn

Access Services Librarian Lane Library Departments: Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, Course, Reserves

[email protected]

David Scott Portrait

Scott, David W.

Associate Professor of Mathematics, Chair of Mathematical Sciences Department

[email protected]

Peter Sensenbrenner

Sensenbrenner, Peter

Instructor of Business Management

Toby Shucha Portrait

Shucha, Tobin C.

Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Music Education and Bands

[email protected]

John Sisko

Sisko, John

Professor of Philosophy, Vice President and Dean of Faculty

[email protected]

Barbara Sisson

Sisson, Barbara

Associate Professor of Biology, Chair of Health Professions Advising Committee

[email protected]

Brian Smith

Smith, Brian

Professor of Religion Emeritus

[email protected]

Herve Some Portrait

Some, Touorizou Herve

Associate Professor of Educational Studies, Chair of Educational Studies Department

[email protected]

Lorna Sopcak Portrait

Sopcak, Lorna

Professor of German Emerita

[email protected]

Stellmacher, Steven

Adjunct Instructor of Exercise Science

Charles Stephan

Stephan, Charles

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Cello, Bass)

[email protected]

Stepleton, Ian

Adjunct Instructor

Stevens, Margaret

Professor Emerita of Biology

[email protected]

Emily Thiel

Thiel, Emily

Adjunct Professor of Exercise Science

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Thom, Sahnya

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

[email protected]

Thompson, Paul

Assistant Professor of Music

[email protected]

Mary Unger

Unger, Mary

Associate Professor of English and Chair of the English Department, Coordinator of the Women's and Gender Studies Program

[email protected]

Vaughan, Jeremiah

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

[email protected]

Robert Wallace

Wallace, Robert

Professor of Biology Emeritus

[email protected]

Jeanne Williams

Williams, Jeanne

Professor of Educational Studies Emerita

[email protected]

Patrick Willoughby

Willoughby, Patrick

Associate Professor of Chemistry

[email protected]

Skip Wittler

Wittler, George "Skip"

Professor Emeritus of Biology, Director of Ceresco Conservancy

[email protected]

Wittler, Michele

Associate Dean of Faculty and Registrar

[email protected]

Robin Woods

Woods, Robin

Professor Emerita of English

[email protected]

Woolson, Sami

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Andrea Young

Young, Andrea

Interim President, Professor of Mathematics

[email protected]

Zhang Fan

Zhang, Fan

Assistant Professor of Business Management

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