On-campus employment helps students pay the bills, gain experience

This week begins the observance of National Student Employment Week, and this is a significant activity at Ripon College. Roughly 50% of Ripon students hold on-campus jobs, and they can build a work schedule around their courses.

Many students hold multiple jobs across campus to help cover tuition, room/board, books and other expenses, says Tori Braun ’21, fianancal aid student worker. Braun works wth Alycia Harbin, assistant director of financial aid and student employment manager. She says campus jobs vary greatly and can include being a lifeguard at Willmore Center to taking notes to assist fellow students through Student Support Services.

Some jobs even allow students to work on homework during a shift, although these positions tend to be more popular than others, Harbin says.

“Student employment provides many benefits, in addition to receiving a paycheck,” she says. “While holding a job on-campus, students are able to improve their time-management skills in order to juggle both work and school — and for many students, clubs and sports as well. These positions also enable students to develop good relationships with their employers, who then will be able to give positive recommendations for future scholarship and job applications.”

In many jobs, students work alongside peers, and this can help build their community at the college. This is particularly helpful for first-year students, who may not have had many opportunities to meet people outside of their classes.

On campus, students are able to work up to only 20 hours each week, so as not to interfere too much with classes and other commitments. They also can hold jobs off campus or with SAGE food service on campus.

(Photo: Kassidy Walters ’22 of Greenfield, Illinois, works in the fitness center at Willmore Center)

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