Susan Forrest-Lobb Jeffreys ’81 featured in new book ‘Women of Courage’

Susan “Suki” Forrest-Lobb Jeffreys ’81 of Phoenix, Arizona, is featured in the new book Women of Courage, vol. 5, published by Professional Woman Publishing. The book will be released the second week of February 2022. The anthology features stories of and thoughts about courage by Jeffreys and other women around the world.

“I was honored to be invited to participate in this anthology with 24 other women from around the world,” Jeffreys says. “The stories and depth of experience and transformation I read in the previous volume inspired me and made me want to know the women telling the stories. We can learn from the courageous acts of others and audition those actions in our own lives for real and permanent change.”

After retiring from a career in corporate information technology, Jeffreys became a life coach and founded Courage Rises life and courage coaching. She is creating a movement where women feel safe to work through fears by understanding their behavior and experiencing the transformational aspects of courage.

“We emphasize the transformational aspect of courage in everyday life to help you move the needle on your Courage Continuum, and how to make those choices and put them into action,” Jeffreys says. “We also illuminate and promote personal stories about courage and bravery hoping that you will see yourself in these actions and remind yourself that you are more courageous than you think.”

Video interviews she has produced are available via her blog.

At Ripon, Jeffreys majored in politics and government.

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Susan Forrest-Lobb Jeffreys '81 and her book cover


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