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Quidditch & Other Fall Activities!

Quidditch is a Harry Potter Sports Game. You score points by (1) putting balls into the opposing teams hoops to score 10 pts and (2) […]

Online Party Game Night

Come play some online party games (Gartic Phone, Codenames, One Night Werewolf, etc.) with your fellow Ripon students from the comfort of your own room. […]

AXO Game Night

A night for freshmen and independent women on campus to come play various games and meet the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega!

September Movie Night – Fast and Furious 9

Ripon Live will be hosting a movie night on Commencement Lawn with popcorn and drinks. The movie will be Fast and Furious 9. There will […]

9/11 Memorial

We will be laying out flags on the Memorial Lawn in remembrance of those who lost their lives due to the attacks on 9/11.

PACK Bonfire

This event aims to connect our campus community, PACK members, and recruit new members. There will be a bonfire with s’mores, spike ball, and cornhole.

Equestrian Team Meeting

Beginning of the year meeting

KD is Snow Much Fun

KD wants to do a fun recruitment event handing out snow cones

ADPi Bop

We will have a volleyball tournament in the quads and serve pancakes.

ADPi Campfire

ADPi sisters will be having a campfire open to independent women, still thinking of covid friendly activities

CCF Welcome Back Bonfire

Welcome back chats, fellowship, and meeting new people! S’mores supplies and loads of fun will be provided! Stop by to grab a s’more or simply […]

BSU Back-to-School BBQ

After a hectic move-in and a jump start into classes, this event offers a time for good food, a great atmosphere, and a needed time […]

Greek Social

Round out the first week of classes by getting to know our Greek community! Stop by this open house to grab awesome pre-dinner treats and […]

Example Event Three

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