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Teeter Totter

Members of the Sigma Chi and Phi Delta Theta fraternities participate in a 24 hour fundraiser for the Cancer Societies of America and Like Like […]

Mandu & Mogu Mogu

Students and other campus faculty will be able to come and enjoy Korean-style dumplings and a popular Asian fruit drink called Mogu Mogu and meet […]

Champions for Mental Health

SAAC will be having a mental health awareness guest speaker, Dr. Sahnya Thom. All students are invited.

BMP Lesson Planning Events

We will make lesson plans for the summer trip; all are welcome!

Build Your Own Care Package

CCF will host a BYO care package event with various items and food in Great Hall with a raffle for bigger items.

Meet the Fraternities!

Meet current members of Ripon’s four fraternities and learn more about Greek life at Ripon! Being part of a fraternity is about more than just […]

Meet the Sororities!

Looking to enhance your college experience, make lifelong friends, and get involved in your community? Come meet current members and learn more about the benefits […]

Karaoke in the Spot

Student Activities Fair

Meet Ripon’s student clubs and organizations! Campus leaders will share information about how you can get involved in a variety of activities and groups. Rain […]

BMP Lesson Planning Event 2

We will continue to plan lessons for the summer trip; all are welcome!

Greek Council Blood Drive

Open to all students, faculty, and staff! Join our Greek leaders in giving back by participating in our blood drive.

Ripon College Game Night with Mana Oasis

Come hear the founder of the non-profit Mana Oasis talk about the organization’s mission of helping veterans and first responders through trauma-informed tabletop gaming. Afterwards, […]

BMP Lesson Planning Event

Making lesson plans for the summer trip, everyone is welcome!

Feminists Bingo Night

Come play some Bingo and win RC Fems merch and other fun feminism related prizes!

A Taste of Korea

Chuseok, also known as Hangawi, is a national Korean harvest festival holiday that is celebrated across three days beginning on the 15th day of the […]


Phi Epsilon Kappa fundraiser playing grocery bingo.