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Ripon College is dedicated to serving students who receive military benefits. The Financial Aid Office, Registrar’s Office, and Business Office work together to administer the Federal VA Educational Benefits for eligible students.

Register at va.gov to determine benefit eligibility and to submit your application for education benefits. The VA determines your eligibility.

Starting Your VA Benefits at Ripon College

The Office of Financial Aid will need a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility before we can process your benefits. More information is available here. To contact the VA Education Call Center, please call 888-442-4551.

To receive benefits, a student must be enrolled full time (at least 12 credits for undergraduates and at least 9 credits for graduates), taking required courses towards their degree. We must be notified of any changes in your schedule. Failure to follow proper procedures could result in an overpayment or payment problem.

Types of Benefits
Chapter 33 Post 9/11

All students using Post 9/11 receive a percentage based on active duty time which is determined by the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA).

Tuition and Fees – Yearly academic approved percentage up to the full amounts are paid directly to the college. This benefit covers tuition and fees only. Yearly rates can be found at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.

Housing and Book/Supply Stipend – If eligible, paid directly to the student, please call 888-442-4551 for more information.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Ripon College participates in the Post-9/11 GI Bill® Yellow Ribbon Program (for those eligible) thereby agreeing to make additional funds available without an additional charge to your GI Bill® entitlement. Yellow Ribbon funds contributed by the College will be matched by the VA and payments issued directly to the institution. Ripon College participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program for those that are eligible, on a first come – first served basis, up to the program allotment.

  • Must be considered 100% under Post 9/11
  • Can not be Active Duty, Spouse of Active Duty or used under the Fry Scholarship
  • Can be a child of Active Duty
Chapter 30, 1606, 1607 Montgomery GI Bill®

Students using the Montgomery GI Bill receive a monthly stipend and must verify their attendance. Full time:

  • All students under the Montgomery GI Bill® must verify their attendance every month using WAVE. The enrollment can be verified on the last calendar day of the month by using the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) or by calling the toll free Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone line at 1-877-823-2378.
Chapter 35 – Survivors/dependents

Chapter 35 students receive a monthly stipend, please call 888-442-4551 for more information.


High School Seniors interested in applying for National ROTC Scholarships can do so on the U.S. Army website. Ripon College offers bonus benefits to ROTC Scholarship recipients to include covering housing and food for the duration of the scholarships as well as covering tuition and fees freshman year for 3-year winners. For more information, view our ROTC page.

Wisconsin National Guard Tuition Grant

Eligible undergraduate students: You must be an actively drilling, enlisted soldier or warrant officer of the Wisconsin National Guard who has not already earned a bachelor’s degree. You must not be flagged for unexcused absences or failing to meet guard standards. Being in the Inactive Ready Reserve makes you ineligible.

The National Guard Tuition Grant is a program whereby an eligible guard member, upon satisfactory completion of the course(s) at a qualifying school, can apply for tuition reimbursement. Reimbursement is based on 100% of the tuition charged at the student’s qualifying school or the maximum resident undergraduate tuition charged by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, whichever is less. The grant cannot pay for any housing & food, books, fees or continuing education credits (CEUs). The grant program reimburses up to eight semesters.

The actual DMA Form 189, must be submitted to your school certifying official (Linda Kinziger) and received at DMA HQ no later than 60 days after the completion of your course(s). Ripon College will forward the application to the Department of Military Affairs.

Request DMA Form 189 from your unit and read the directions on the form thoroughly. After completing the student portion, submit the application to your school certifying official (Linda Kinziger). She will forward the certified application to DMA. It is vital that your application reach DMA within 60 days of completing your course(s). If you question the status of your application, call the POC prior to the 60-day deadline. DMA strives to process applications for reimbursement within 30 days of receipt.

Wisconsin GI Bill for Private Non-Profit Schools

Ripon College is now eligible for the Wisconsin GI Bill for Private Schools. Contact the Financial Aid Office for Form # WDVA 2059.


You may be eligible for benefits if you served in the Army or Air Force with the Tuition Assistance Program. Benefits will be certified as requested.

Financial Aid

Students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine eligibility for federal and state aid. If you need assistance, contact the Financial Aid Office at 920-748-8101. Students utilizing both financial aid and VA benefits to pay for school will be refunded any money that is above and beyond the total amount due on their student account. A student will receive this refund once both financial aid and VA benefits have been added to his or her student account.


Ripon College tutors provide FREE tutoring. Tutors are experienced and qualified students who can enable you to have a better understanding of the material at hand and teach you how to find and correct your own errors. Tutors are located in the Franzen Center for Academic Success

Know your Benefits

Ripon College’s Office of Financial Aid and Office of the Registrar work together to certify enrollment and process all appropriate military paperwork on a semester-by-semester basis.

You may contact the Office of Financial Aid at (920) 748-8101 for assistance with VA concerns.

If you are unsure of your eligibility for benefits, please contact your local VA Service Office (located in your local courthouse), go to va.gov, or call the GI Bill Call Center at 1-888-GIBILL-1. Once you are certain of your eligibility, you can access all pertinent forms required to apply for your military benefits or to transfer your benefits to Ripon College from another college or university.