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Useful databases for searching articles on French language and literature.

Academic Search Complete

(EBSCO Host) Our main interdisciplinary index includes both scholarly and non-scholarly articles. A good place to start for any subject.

MLA International Bibliography

Main database for scholarly literary criticism for literature in all modern languages. It also is good for finding articles in linguistics.


Journals below are available in print or through online access. Keep in mind that these are only a handful of the many journals available to you. These are listed here so you may have a quick link to browse some of the latest topics in these journals. Please remember if you are beginning research for a particular topic, please search in a database above which will search many of these journals at one time.

Cahiers d’Études africaines

French African studies journal, publishing articles from an anthropological and historical perspective. Covers Sub-Saharan Africa, Maghreb, and Caribbean. Direct link to site, and not included in library’s databases.

Études caribeénnes

Multidisciplinary, it is recognized for articles on the problems of the Caribbean (ecotourism, resource management, natural hazards, migration).

French Forum

A journal of French and Francophone literature and film, publishing articles in English and French on all periods and genres.

French Review

Articles and reviews on French and francophone literature, cinema, society and culture, linguistics, technology, and pedagogy.

French Studies

Covers language and linguistics (historical and contemporary), all periods and aspects of literature in France and the French-speaking world, thought and the history of ideas, cultural studies, film, and critical theory.

International Journal of Francophone Studies

For a better understanding of ‘France outside France’, this journal presents a wide range of research in the literature, culture, language, society, history, politics, film, arts, theatre and media of French-speaking areas from the colonial period to the present day.

Journal of French Language Studies

Sponsored by the Association for French Language Studies, encourages and promotes theoretical, descriptive and applied studies of all aspects of the French language.

Présence francophone

Comparative literature and sociological study of the language outside of France.

News Source

Newspapers and News Sources by country


  • Le Figaro
    – Official news site for daily paper, with a conservative political orientation.
  • FranceSoir
    – Official news site.
  • Le Monde
    -Availability to full-text via library database. For daily coverage, go directly to leMonde.fr
  • Paris-Match
    -Official news site, along with current issues found with popular periodicals in the South Reading Room.
  • Yahoo.fr – News headlines.
  • Le Nouvel Observateur
    – Cultural and political weekly news magazine from Paris, with a social-democratic political affiliation.
  • Le Point
    – Weekly news magazine from Paris, with a liberal-conservative party association.
  • L’express
    – Weekly news magazine from Paris, with left-liberal party association.


  • Le Soir
    – Independent and progressive news site from Brussels.
  • Le Vif
    – Belgian news site, cooperates with the French L’Express.


  • Le Temps
    – Swiss daily news journal, with a liberal conservative orientation.
  • 24 Heures
    – Daily tabloid from Geneva.

Ile Maurice

  • Le Mauricien
    – Independent paper with strong editorial content.



  • El Watan
    – Independent daily newspaper from Algeria.



  • Le Devoir
    – Independent daily news site, associated with Quebec sovereignty.
  • La Presse
    – Daily newspaper, with headquarters in Montreal.



Maghreb et Afrique francophone

  • Jeune Afrique
    – Weekly news magazine published in Paris, covering political, economic and cultural spheres of Africa.


  • L’Essor
    – State-owned national daily newspaper published in Bamako, Mali.
  • MaliJet
    – Internet-based news source for Mali.

Radio and TV

Agence France Presse

Official site. Global news agency spanning mobile, print, and broadcast news.


Official site. Note: RFI also has great news podcasts available via iTunes.

TF1 French Television

Official site.

TF5 French Television

Official site. Contains streaming video.



Le Louvre

One of the world’s largest museums, provides history of art, their collection, as well as different media to learn about art.

Centre Pompidou

Houses the Bibliothèque publique d’information, a vast public library, the Musée National d’Art Moderne which is the largest museum for modern art in Europe, and IRCAM, a centre for music and acoustic research.

Musée d’Orsay

Originally a railway station, this museum houses the largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces in the world.

Musée Rodin

Museum dedicated to the works of Rodin, with collections both inside and in its extensive gardens.

Libraries and others

Bibliotheque National Francaise

National library of France located in Paris, intended to be the repository of all that is published in France.

INSEE (Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques)

Collects and publishes information on the French economy and society, carrying out the periodic national census, located in Paris.

Useful sites for study

Literature and Culture of Francophone Africa and the Diaspora

Brown University produces this guide to online research resources of the literature and culture (dance, art, music, cinema, etc.) of Francophone Africa and the Diaspora. The website is available in both French and English.

Afrique Francophone

A website produced by Lehman College, CUNY with a plethora of links to Francophone Africa (as well as other Africana) resources.

Dictionaries and Grammar

Dictionaries and grammar resources are key to any language study.

Online resources


Look up French words and phrases and hear them pronounced.

ARTFL French-English Dictionary

American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language (ARTFL) Project online resource.

Le Figaro Garmmar (Le Conjugeur)

Online Grammar Aids.

Reverso Dictionnaire en ligne

Includes definitions, conjugations and other grammatical aids.

Print Resources

The Oxford-Hachette French dictionary

Grand dictionnaire français-anglais, anglais-français

The French Language Today: A Linguistic Introduction Comprehensive introduction to the French language from the perspective of modern linguistics.

French Literature

Primary French Texts

Gallica: Digital Library of France

Search books, manuscripts, images and more.

Project Gutenberg

Search for original French texts available in multiple formats.

Poésie Française

French poetry from the 16th century to the present.

Books about French Literature
A few of the books available from Lane Library.

Cambridge history of French literature

Covers French literature from its beginnings to the present day.

Postcolonial theory and Francophone literary studies

Essays by francophone literary scholars examining various francophone texts through a postcolonial lens.

Paths to contemporary French literature

Introduction to some 50 French writers and poets little known outside of France.

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