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Ripon’s Promise to Northland College Students

On behalf of the entire Ripon College community, we send our sincerest and deepest condolences to the students, faculty and staff at Northland College as they navigate this difficult and uncertain time.

Ripon College is here to assist and help you in your next steps.

If you are a student from Northland College and worried about finding a place to finish your degree, Ripon College is here to support you! We want to provide you with a quick and seamless process and are providing the following plan to assist you in the transfer process.

Transfer your courses — all of them. 

All Northland College student credits will be accepted toward an equal or comparable degree program at Ripon College. Ripon College will provide 100% transfer of all credits granted or accepted as transfer by Northland College and guarantee admission to Northland College students with no application fees.

Ripon College works with  Transferology to simplify your journey. You can use Transferology to find out exactly how your credits fit into our system.  

Maintain your financial aid. 

Ripon College will work to create a financial aid package that is consistent with the aid you’re receiving at Northland College, with the appropriate scholarship package for the duration of your uninterrupted studies.

  • Be sure to add our FAFSA Code (003884) to your financial aid application. You will need to send Ripon College your FAFSA in order to receive a financial aid offer.
  • To achieve consistency in your financial aid offer, you will need to submit a copy of your most recent financial aid offer from Northland College to the Ripon College Financial Aid Office.
  • Students are subject to yearly cost of attendance increases.

Pathway to graduation.

The pathway to graduation for each student transferring to Ripon College will allow the student to complete their program on the same timeframe as was possible at Northland College.

Direct admission into our programs.

Ready to apply? 

Ripon is waiving all application fees. In addition, Ripon will waive the $200 deposit for students who transfer from Northland College. We also will waive the $600 deposit for international students.

On-campus housing is available.

On-campus housing is available for transfer students. For students who do not wish to live on campus, Ripon College will waive the residency requirement for students who transfer from Northland College, given these unique circumstances.

Are you an international student?

Please contact Hannah Grassnickle, assistant director of admission/transfer and international coordinator, at [email protected] or 920-748-8159 for help through the transfer process. The international student application deadline has been extended to June 14, 2024, for all current Northland College students.

We are here to answer your questions!

Northland College students who are interested in learning more about Ripon College are invited to complete this form or reach out to Hannah Grassnickle, assistant director of admission/transfer and international coordinator, at [email protected] or 920-748-8159.