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Jeremy Adolphson

Jeremy Adolophson

  • Ph.D. from UW-Milwaukee
  • M.A. in communication and socilology, Northern Illinois University
  • B.S. from Northern Illinois University

I earned my Ph.D. in communication with an emphasis in rhetorical studies and media criticism from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My areas of research include fandom, music and religious identity, and popular culture. I’ve published research on Christian heavy metal music, the political and public backlash against The Dixie Chicks, an overview of the culture wars, and the politics pertaining to comic book censorship. I enjoy media; collecting physical media such as DVDs and blu rays for my home film library; reading with favorite authors including Patrick Rothfuss, Stephen King, Cormac McCarthy and Jasper Fforde; and fishing. I spend my summer fishing for walleye, bass and pike in the Upper Peninsula with my wife’s family, and for salmon out of Algoma.

Jody Roy

Jody Roy

  • Ph.D., Indiana University
  • M.A., Indiana University
  • B.A., Illinois College

I have been privileged to teach Ripon College students since 1992. As a Professor of Communication, I help students develop a variety of skills, ranging from advanced speaking and writing skills to the analytical and strategic skills necessary to create, evaluate and improve large-scale public communication campaigns.

The content of my courses spans from Classical Greek teachings on rhetoric to contemporary communication practices that influence information sharing and persuasion in areas ranging from popular music scenes to the fields of law enforcement and corrections.

Steve Martin '96

Steven Martin

  • Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University
  • M.A., Colorado State University
  • A.B., Ripon College