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Student government is responsible for representing the student body of Ripon College. The following governance bodies exist to address problems and provide advice and support. In addition, student representatives can be found on just about any committee on campus to ensure the needs of our primary constituents are reflected in all we do to shape the present and future of the College.

Student Senate

The Student Senate is the legislative branch of the student government at Ripon College. It is charged with managing the student activities fee for the benefit of students at Ripon College, monitoring the activities of Student Senate-recognized organizations and formulating policies in areas of student concern. The Senate has a programming body, Ripon Live!, and several voting positions on the College’s faculty and alumni committees.

Student Judiciary Board

The judicial function of student government is handled by this board. The membership of this board consists of five officers, five members, a sergeant-at-arms, and two members-at-large selected from the student body. This is entirely a student organization, although a dean will act as an advisor. Each year the membership appoints members for the next year, subject to ratification by the student senate. A judgment rendered by the judiciary board and approved by the office of the dean of students will be final, subject only to appeal by the accused to the joint judiciary committee.

Hall Congress

Hall Congress works to create a stronger community in the residence halls and as another opportunity to educate students on how to be responsible citizens. This joint Hall Congress brings all three residential areas together and provides a long-term opportunity for students who wish to be part of improving the residential areas and increasing the pride students have in our residence halls. Hall Congress is advised by the Office of Residence Life.