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Welcome, Future Scholar.

As a student at Ripon College, you can take advantage of our four-year graduation guarantee. That means you’ll finish on time, and the classes you need to complete your degree will be available for you when you need them, pending you remain in good academic standing, declare a major course of study by the end of sophomore year, and follow an approved course plan.

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Students may choose from a total of 31 majors, 42 minors, or customize a course plan in pursuit of competitive placement in a variety of professional degree programs, including but not limited to: pre-engineering, pre-law and pre-med and health sciences. Every student graduates with a concentration in Applied Innovation upon completing the five-course Catalyst curriculum.

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Learn about our Catalyst Curriculum

Our innovative five-course Catalyst curriculum ensures students are able to complete multiple majors and minors, experiential study, play sports and hold internships in four years. A total of 124 credits are required to graduate with a degree from Ripon College. Catalyst consists of 20 required course credits, giving students the flexibility to choose where they spend their time.

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Each incoming student is assigned a faculty mentor based on his or her area of interest. Together, faculty mentors and staff in Career Services work with students throughout their time on campus to help set goals and construct a course plan to reach those goals. The opportunities for internships, networking and learning professional skills are limitless.

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