This minor brings together course offerings from the departments of Art, English, Global Studies and Languages, History, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Theatre, and Women’s and Gender Studies. The program studies the diverse peoples and cultures of western civilization during ancient, medieval and early modern eras, an overview of each time period and how scholars from different disciplines approach these eras.

Electives are chosen from at least three disciplines, and off-campus study counts as a discipline. Students gain an understanding of ideas and developments that shaped western civilization and culture.

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Paul Jeffries

Jeffries, Paul

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Chair of Philosophy Department

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Nygard, Travis

Professor of Art

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Pleiss Morris, Ann

Associate Professor of English

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Poncelet, Dominique

Professor of French and the Marie Zarwell Uihlein Chair in Classical Studies and Chair of the Department


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Requirements for a Minor in Ancient, Renaissance and Medieval Studies
Total Credits 20 credits
Core Courses ART 171 Global Art History: Ancient to Medieval, ENG 231 Theatre and Drama I: Ancient through Renaissance, ENG 251 Foundations of English Literature, HIS 210 Introduction to Ancient, Renaissance and Medieval Studies or HIS 281 World History I.
Elective Courses The additional 16 credits will be selected from the electives listed below, from at least three disciplines, with at least two courses at the 200-level or above.

ART 172 Global Art History: Renaissance to Today, ART 334 Topics in Western Spirituality, ART 335 Renaissance Florence: Politics, Art, and Intellectual Life, ART 383 Mapping the World, ENG 340 Major Author: Shakespeare, SPA 321: Voces españolas I, HIS 214 Greek and Roman Society, HIS 220 Nonconformity and Deviance in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, HIS 221 The Medieval World: Faith, Power, Order, HIS 222 The Uses of Arthurian Legend, HIS 330 Women and Family in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, HIS 334 Topic in Western Spirituality, HIS 335 Renaissance Florence: Politics, Art, and Intellectual Life, HIS 383 Mapping the World, MUS 230/330 History of Medieval and Early Modern Europe, HIS 210 Introduction to Ancient, Renaissance and Medieval Studies

Additional Criteria Off-Campus Study: Courses taken while on off-campus study programs could count upon approval by the director of the minor.

Appropriately focused special topics courses also can be used as electives at the discretion of the program coordinator

Career Tracks

  • Teaching English, history, art, theatre and classics at all levels
  • Careers in library services and museum and arts management
  • Excellent preparation for several single-subject and interdisciplinary graduate programs

Unique Opportunities

  • Introductory students host ARMS-related events on campus, such as the trebuchet pumpkin launching.
  • ARMS students have presented at national conferences such as the Blackfriars Shakespeare Conference at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia.
  • As part of the In-Focus Course “Old Italy, New Italy,” students have the opportunity to travel to Italy and experience first-hand the art, architecture and culture discussed in ARMS courses
  • The ACM Newberry Library program in Chicago allows students to tap in to the millions of books in the collection of this leading center of research.