The study of foreign languages develops students’ understanding of themselves as world citizens and an appreciation for the world through the study of languages and literatures, linguistics and cultural phenomena. The Francophone Studies minor provides students with cultural competency through courses taught in French and/or English, and focused on the Francophone world — including French-speaking Africa, the Caribbean, North America, Europe, the Middle East and East Asia.

Courses in this program foster critical thinking and analysis and cover a wide range of disciplines: language, literature, arts and culture, film, history, women and gender, economy, politics and international relations.

Ripon College offers majors in foreign languages and in Spanish; and minors in Classical Studies; Ancient, Renaissance and Medieval Studies; Francophone studies; French; and Spanish.

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Dominique Poncelet

Poncelet, Dominique

Professor of French and the Marie Zarwell Uihlein Chair in Classical Studies and Chair of the Department


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Requirements for a Minor in Francophone Studies
Total Credits 20 credits
Prerequisites Minimum of four credits and a maximum of 12 credits of courses in French beyond FRE 111, starting with the course in which students are placed by the online placement evaluation.
Elective Courses Depending on the number of credits taken in French language courses, between 8 and 16 credits of courses in Francophone Studies are required. Students who register for a minor in Francophone Studies are not allowed to pursue a minor in French at the same time.

Spanish majors who need to complete a capstone project may sign up for the following courses at the 500 level. All other students should sign up for the class at the 400 level.


Latin 111 Elementart Latin I Poncelet, 112 Elementary Latin II Poncelet


FRE 111 Elementary French I Poncelet, 112 Elementary French II Poncelet, 211 Intermediate French I Poncelet, 222 Intermediate French II Poncelet, 300 Departmental Studies in French Staff, 307 Advanced Composition and Conversation Poncelet, 308 Introduction to French and Francophone Literature Poncelet, 309 Love, Passion and Breakups in French Literature Poncelet, 315 French Theatre Workshop Poncelet, 322 Business French Poncelt, 329 Contemporary French Issues Poncelet, 332 French Cinema Poncelet, 333 Wars, Rebellions and Revolutions in French Cinema Poncelet, 337 Grammer Workshop Poncelet, 338 Writing Workshop Poncelet, 339 Conversation and Pronunciation Workshop Poncelet, 340 The Francophone World: Immigration, Identity and Culture Staff, 365 Engaged Writers and teir Fights Poncelet, 370 Tell Me What You Eat... Poncelet, 402 The Teaching of Modern Languages Poncelet


SPA 11 Elementary Spanish I Staff, 112 Elementary Spanish II Staff, 211 Intermediate Spanish Staff, 280 Advanced Composition and Discussion, 285 Traducción / Translation Guevara-Geer, 300 Spanish Departmental Studies Staff, 308 Civilizaciones hispanas Staff, 309 Spanish for Business Staff, 310 In Focus Spain: Sevilla Staff, 314 Conversación avanzada, 315 Hispanic Theatre Workshop, 317 Hispanic Theatre Workshop, 321/322 Voces españolas I and II, 331/332 Voces hispanoamericanas I and II, 402 The Teaching of Modern Languages Staff, 410/510 El cuento hispanoamericano, 415/515 La ficción de García Márquez, 420/520 El realismo mágico y otros realismos excéntricos, 425/525 Cuba: Su revolución y sus artes, 435/535 Julio Cortázar y sus perseguidores, 440/540 Cervantes: Don Quijote Staff, 440/540 Cervantes: Don Quijote Staff, 455/555. 19th- and 20th-Century Peninsular Literature Reed, 450/550 Variable Topic Seminar Staff, 465/565. Literature and Film of the Spanish Civil War Reed, 470/570. Post-Franco, Post-Modern: the Literature of Democratic Spain Reed


332 Introduction to Linguistics Poncelet and 532 Linguistics: Senior Seminar in Foreign Languages Staff
Additional Criteria Course work completed in a French-speaking country, either through an In Focus course or a Ripon College-approved study-abroad program, may be applied toward the French minor upon approval by the members of the French program. Students should consult with their advisor in Francophone Studies before departure about possible courses of study.

Dominique Poncelet is the advisor for the minor in Francophone Studies

Study Abroad: See the Off-Campus Study: Programs Abroad section of this catalog for information about Ripon programs in Paris, Montpellier and Dakar.

Career Tracks

Students who have completed a Francophone Studies minor are positioned to work for companies and agencies that serve the growing Francophone population in the United States and worldwide. Career opportunities extend to banking, international business, foreign service and governmental agencies, the military, and non-governmental organizations with international or intercultural orientation.

Foreign language study can lead to careers in a variety of areas, including government, industry and commerce, travel and tourism, interpretation/translation, service, education, arts, media and entertainment.

Some French, Latin and Spanish graduates from Ripon College have gone on to graduate work in their languages. Others have continued their studies in other fields, such as communication studies, nonprofit management, international relations, medicine school, public policy and theology.

Unique Opportunities

  • College faculty members regularly lead Liberal Arts In Focus study and other travel experiences.