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Welcome to Residence Life! If you have a question, please contact Mark Nicklaus:

The residential experience is integral to life at Ripon College. Some of your finest teachers will be fellow students, with whom you will form lifelong friendships, learn tolerance of personal differences and develop character and leadership skills.

There are eight residence halls on campus offering a variety of living options. Typically, first-year students are housed together within groups of fewer than 20.

First-year students who pledge fraternities and sororities continue to live in their halls until their sophomore year when they move into upper-class living areas.

two students in front of brick building

Scott Hall

A residence hall for first-year men and some upperclassmen.

brick building with trees

A residence hall for first-year women and men.

brick building behind bare tree
Johnson Hall

A residence hall for first-year women and home to our sororities.


brick building in fall
The Quad

Four halls for a mixture of upperclassmen, including fraternities and independent students.

brick building tower
Campus Apartments

An exclusive living area primarily reserved for upperclassmen.