Life After Ripon: Katlyn Lee ’12

Chapter 10: Exploring a New Venture

[Editor’s Note: Katlyn Lee ’12 and Jeremy Johnson ’12 are writing monthly entries for the Ripon College Newsletter chronicling their own post-graduation experiences. We hope you enjoy their perspectives on Life After Ripon!]

April 6, 2013
Dear Journal,

Katlyn Lee

Katlyn Lee ’12

Sometimes all you need for a little clarity in life are a few hundred miles of road between where you’ve been and where you could be. This past week I took to that road with my mother alongside of me; or rather me alongside of her.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve watched my parents take on new projects, work long hours, and put their hearts and souls into what they do to take something that looks like nothing to many and build it into something great. They’ve been brave enough to take that leap of faith because they know that sometimes leaving the comfortable spot they’re in will lead them to something better, for themselves and our family. I’ve learned a lot from their actions and have always been inspired by their work ethic and ability to see past gray areas. So, when my mother approached me about a new venture she was looking into and in which she wanted me to consider joining her, I embraced the unknown and jumped into her vehicle to head to the Twin Cities to learn more.

After hours of driving, many stops, and lengthy meetings with CEOs for our new project, we left the Twin Cities after two short days more aware of the hard work ahead of us if we decide to continue on with this new business, but also secure in our minds and hearts that this could be just what we both need. Gray area or not, we both knew that we had to continue forward, and so we will.

Although I wish I could be less ambiguous as to what this new chapter in my working world entails, I have promised to keep quiet on that matter until further details are taken care of. What I can say, however, is that this is the first time I truly feel like I fit snugly into the role I will be taking on. I can equate it to the feeling I get when I find that perfect pair of shoes. I’ve always had a hard time finding that pair that is just right for my feet, but when I finally do come across them, I feel comfortable and delighted by the fact that we will walk together for a long time to come. I think I will be tracking many miles in the ones I’ve now found and it’s reassuring to know that my family will be there walking, running, and maybe sometimes crawling alongside of me through it all.

I find it important to note that my work at the newspaper is not coming to an end with this new career. On the contrary, I hope to continue both and possibly find ways to unite them when opportunities arise. It’s a good feeling to know that I can do two things I love without compromising either one.

I guess now it’s time to tie those new laces tight and take that next step forward. It sure does feel good to run out of the gray skies and into the sunny road ahead.

Katlyn M. Lee ’12
[email protected]

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