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Our unique mission and central location have afforded Ripon College countless opportunities over the years to create shared experiences with the City of Ripon and its citizens.

Ripon residents have contributed meaningfully to the growth and development of the College throughout its history, whether as mentors and employers or through generous philanthropy. Each year as we celebrate our founding we also take time to recognize these local individuals and organizations who exemplify the ideals behind the creation of Ripon College in 1851 with our Founders’ Day Award.

Working alongside fellow community members, Ripon College faculty, staff and students have shaped and inspired local economic development, arts and culture, non-profit and government organizations, health and education systems as well as a number of other important causes and initiatives.

Throughout the year, the campus offers a variety of fine arts, cultural and other events as a form of entertainment and to engage the local community in our rich liberal arts tradition.

Each semester, our Center for Politics and the People welcomes members of the public to campus for a variety of events featuring government office holders, political candidates and prognosticators.

Whether you’re a member of the Ripon College community or a Ripon neighbor, we invite you to explore this section to learn more about our enduring projects and other opportunities available in Ripon and beyond for you to make a difference.