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Mission Statement

Ripon College prepares students of diverse interests for lives of productive, socially responsible citizenship. Our liberal arts curriculum and residential campus create an intimate learning community in which students experience a richly personalized education.

Ripon envisions itself as a venerable, prosperous, and widely respected liberal arts college that is proud of its history and confident about the future.

An intense engagement with and concern for academic, artistic, and personal development of students have defined Ripon since its founding on the Wisconsin frontier and will always be enduring characteristics of the college.

Vigorous and healthy growth will place Ripon in a distinctive class of intentionally sized, intellectually vibrant, and civic-minded colleges. Ripon will attract students, faculty, and staff of excellent character, great potential and high quality, and the college will be increasingly appealing to its alumni. Ripon will interact conscientiously with the local community and will extend its reach to the nation and the world at large.

Ripon College will command broad interest, recognition, support and respect. A burgeoning spirit of optimism and opportunity, accessibility and possibility will emanate from the college and will inspire it to imagine – and to do – great things.