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If you’ve landed on this page you may be wondering what life is like at your new home?

On the surface, Ripon may appear to be just another serious liberal arts and sciences college. Lots of learning and exploration, lots of studying and lots of opportunities. Trust us, it is all of those things… and much, much more.

Ripon is committed to supporting all of its students. The Office of Student Life oversees many of the events, services and programs that make Ripon home. Programming takes into account the unique health and wellness, spiritual and religious and entertainment needs of the student body.

There are so many things happening each day on our campus that it is literally impossible to do everything, although many students try. Active involvement outside the classroom is central to the Ripon experience. A huge variety of student organizations and clubs, activities and events, athletics, exhibits and performances and co-curricular opportunities ensure campus is buzzing.

Thirty-seven percent of Ripon students participate in varsity intercollegiate athletics. Even more participate regularly in non-competitive sports, intramurals and personal fitness.

From sustainability initiatives to politics to human rights issues and community service, our students demonstrate their connectedness to the community and the world.

No matter what you choose to be involved in as a student at Ripon College, know you are in for a ton of fun and that no one day will ever be like another.