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Ripon College holds the safety and well-being of its community members and visitors as one of its highest concerns. While part of Ripon’s charm is it’s relatively safe community, it is certainly not exempt from the same crime problems that exist in surrounding communities. Our goal as a campus is to provide a safe environment, one in which all students, faculty and staff can thrive in their work, learning and life. For an overview of this information, please see the most recent Annual Security Report by clicking the button below.

All members of the campus are asked to abide by accepted behavior standards and to encourage acceptable behavior among their peers. Ripon College is a participating member of Drug-Free Schools and Communities. Please see the Student Handbook for more information on Ripon’s code of conduct and other policies.

Students, faculty, and staff are automatically registered in our campus RAVE alert system. This is a non-opt system that will notify students immediately via cell phone and email with any emergencies or potential dangers if they arise on campus.

The Ripon College Physical Plant Department (6 am -3:30 pm) and Per-Mar Security (10 pm – 6 am) provide near consistent radio coverage at 920-748-8703, in addition to the professional staff Residence Hall Directors who are available at 920-896-5344 whenever the offices are closed (5 pm – 8 am next business day). Per Mar Security officers do not have arrest powers and do not carry weapons. Escort services from parking lots to the residence halls also are available upon request. Security personnel has the authority to escort students to any campus location. City of Ripon Police provides routine patrol of public areas adjacent to the College and works closely with the Residence Life staff to assist in on-campus emergencies and to address student concerns.

Residence halls are guarded with keycard readers enabling the exterior doors to remain locked at all times. Students must use their registered keycards to enter into any residential building. Maintenance contractors are required to register at the Physical Plant Department before the entrance to any campus buildings occurs. This reduces the chances of the unauthorized or untimely entrance to residence halls.

Ripon College community members are encouraged to report crime and unsafe conditions or acts to appropriate College officials.

Crime Reporting

The Campus Safety Officer is designated and authorized by the College to maintain the safety and security of the College surroundings. All community members are urged to report crimes in progress, other criminal activity, and suspicious behavior so that investigation and remedial activities can occur in a timely manner. Community members may report emergencies directly to the City of Ripon public safety agencies by using 911 or can report emergencies through the campus emergency extension 8703. It is at the discretion of the caller which number to use. Witnesses of crimes in progress may call 911 to access City Police; 911 also may be used to request an ambulance or the local fire department. Calls reporting incidents or situations that do not require emergency medical assistance or police assistance may be reported using the 920-896-5344 emergency on-call phone that is monitored whenever the College Offices are closed (5 pm – 8 am next business day).

As examples, reports of suspicious people, deficiencies in door locks or windows, problems with building utilities, minor injuries or requests for escort would be appropriate for the 8703 number (10 pm – 6 am) or the On-Call phone at 920-896-5344.

Crimes may be reported at the following offices:

These calls may not necessarily remain confidential.

  • Dean of Students Office: 748-8111
  • Residence Life Office: 748-8186

Crimes also may be reported to Residence Life staff. These reports may not remain confidential.