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Tuition & Fees 2020-21

Tuition$46,823 ($23,411.50/semester)$47,800
Room (double occupancy$4,443
Board $4,210 ($2,105/semester)$4560 ($2,280/semester)
Activity Fee$300 ($150/semester)$300 ($150/semester)
Total Direct Costs $55,776 ($27,888/semester)$57190 ($28,595/semester)
Books and Supplies $750 ($375/semester)$750 ($375/semester)
Personal Expenses$ 500 ($250/semester)$500 ($250/semester)
Transportation $1,100 ($550/semester)$1,100 ($550/semester)
Total Indirect Costs$ 2,350 ($1,175/semester)$2350 ($1175/semester)
*The charge for students taking fewer than 12 credits is $1400 per credit.

**Students who are degree and non-degree seeking and are registered for more than 20 credits in an academic term will be charged additional tuition for each additional credit. The fee charged for the academic year 2021-22 is $1,400 per credit.

***Tuition is charged for courses in which the student is registered after the no-asterisk add/drop date, regardless of final grade. The following credits do not count against the 20 credit limit: music lessons, music ensembles, theatre productions. Exceptions are considered by the Office of the Dean of Faculty. Failure to successfully complete and earn credit for all registered courses will not cancel or modify any overload fees that have been assessed.

We encourage you to visit our Net Price Calculator to learn more about the potential financial aid and estimate the net cost of attending Ripon College.