We have done it again! #OneDayRally hits all its goals

We are counting down for #OneDayRally 2022, which will be held on Wednesday, April 27th. If you are looking for more information about this year's event, visit ripon.edu/onedayrally.

The worldwide Ripon College community came together again for the #OneDayRally giving day Wednesday to support the Ripon Fund, Red Hawks Club in athletics and Friends of the Arts.

As #OneDayRally came to a close after 20 hours and 21 minutes, $1,694,548 was raised. The number of donors was 2,087, 103% of goal and up 72 donors from the 2020 #OneDayRally.

Key highlights include:

  • 217 Game Changers, who helped us inspire participation and new gifts through unique challenges.
  • 60% of donors were alumni who gave to Ripon College.
  • 3% of donors were current students who gave to Ripon College.
  • 8% of donors were parents who donated to Ripon College.
  • 7% of donors were employees (faculty and staff) who donated to Ripon College.
  • 5% of donors were friends who donated to Ripon College.
  • 17% of donors did not indicate affiliation.

Top three classes for total donors:

  • 1978 with 80 donors
  • 2003 with 47 donors
  • 2008 with 44 donors

Top three classes for total dollars raised:

  • 1967 with $505,551
  • 1983 with $253,211
  • 1981 with $99,807

Support for the Red Hawks Club and Friends of the Arts, which is included in the overall amount raised, hit their own milestones. Support for the Red Hawks Club from 228 donors totaled $47,351, which was 228% of goal.

Support for Friends of the Arts from 164 donors totaled $27,075, which was 164% of goal.

#OneDayRally donors represented 48 states and several foreign countries, including Canada,
Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Panama.

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