Capture the Flag

October 5th: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm @ Lawn in front of Tri-Dorms

Strategize with your team to protect your flag and steal the flag from the other team! Navigate obstacles and dodge nerf bullets while trying to take down the other team. Any time you’re hit, you have to tag in at your home base before jumping back into the fight. Get hit carrying a flag, and drop it where you’re standing. The first team to get their opponents flag to their home base wins!

Upcoming Events


Summer Orientation: Session #2

Willmore Center
Register for your fall semester courses and meet other members of the incoming Class of 2026. It's the best way to prepare for your first semester at Ripon College.[...]

Matriculation Convocation

Mark your calendar for Matriculation Convocation, the institutional welcome for our newest students. Details to come![...]

Student Support Services Annual Picnic

Great Hall
Annual first year/first generation get together hosted by Student Support Services. Participants will hear first hand of the benefits of this campus support program related to mentoring, careers, financial literacy, and disability services.[...]