Employer Spotlight: Daycholah Summer Camp

March 5th: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Meet Kaitlyn Boscaljon to learn about PAID summer camp manager and counselor positions! Includes FREE room and meals! Located 5 miles from campus in beautiful Green Lake/

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payday it forward

Commons lower level lobby
Payday it Forward is observed every year on March 29. This day is observed across the world as an opportunity to be kind to young black men, support them and treat them like human beings. Payday it Forward is a…[...]

PEK Induction and Awards Ceremony

Commons Room: PDR

Awards Conocation

Rodman Center for the Arts Room: Demmer
Awards Convocation is one of the three formal ceremonies of the College. At this event, the College recognizes student scholastic and service achievements. Some faculty and staff contributions are also recognized.[...]