Extravagameza: Dad’s Ultimate Backyard BBQ

February 20th: 3:00 am - 5:00 am @ Great Hall

Bring out you inner Dad! Come hang out for a night of grillin’, fishin’, campin’, golfin’, and barbecuin’. First 50 people will receive a free “World’s Best Dad” koozie. Ready to rock ‘n roll, champ?

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Alumni Weekend

Save the date for the next Alumni Weekend - June 20-23, 2024! Watch for weekend details to be shared on the Alumni Site as we get closer to the event.[...]

Student Support Services - Bridge Program

Todd Wehr Room: 115
The Bridge Program is exclusively for first-year, first-generation students and aims to assist with the transition from high school to the college environment.[...]

Student Support Services Annual Picnic

Great Hall
The SSS Annual Picnic is for first-year SSS eligible (first-generation and students with disabilities)to acclimate students to the benefits of staying involved with our Student Support Services office, and the academic and soft skills associated with being a successful college…[...]

Casino Night

Great Hall