November 17th 11:00 pm - November 18th 12:30 am @ Heritage Dinning Room

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving in place of one of our regular meetings. We will bring treats and discuss what we are thankful for, as well as just relaxing before the start of Thanksgiving Break. Anyone who arrives will be entered into a raffle for a squishmallow.

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Employer Spotlight: Fox Valley Autism Treatment Program

Pickard Commons Lower Level
Meet Stacie Ferg to learn about amazing job opportunities working with children with autism. 10:30-1:00, Commons Lower Level Lobby (next to Starbucks)[...]

payday it forward

Commons lower level lobby
Payday it Forward is observed every year on March 29. This day is observed across the world as an opportunity to be kind to young black men, support them and treat them like human beings. Payday it Forward is a…[...]

PEK Induction and Awards Ceremony

Commons Room: PDR