Quidditch & Other Fall Activities!

October 4th 11:00 pm - October 5th 12:00 am @ Memorial Lawn

Quidditch is a Harry Potter Sports Game. You score points by (1) putting balls into the opposing teams hoops to score 10 pts and (2) securing a small little ball, called the Golden Snitch, that keeps moving around the field for 30 pts. You keep the opposing team from scoring 10 pts by hitting them with dodge balls so they have to reset and try again. We’ll also have Frisbees and chalk and other sports activities for people if they don’t want to play Quidditch.

Upcoming Events


Student Support Services - Bridge Program

Todd Wehr Room: 115
The Bridge Program is exclusively for first-year, first-generation students and aims to assist with the transition from high school to the college environment.[...]

Student Support Services Annual Picnic

Great Hall
The SSS Annual Picnic is for first-year SSS eligible (first-generation and students with disabilities)to acclimate students to the benefits of staying involved with our Student Support Services office, and the academic and soft skills associated with being a successful college…[...]

Casino Night

Great Hall

Anti-Hazing Speaker: Lianne Kowaik

Great Hall
Lianne and Brian Kowiak's son Harrison was an accomplished athlete and scholar, attending Lenoir-Rhyne University on a golf and academic scholarship. Harrison lost his life because of fraternity hazing during his sophomore year in college at the age of 19.…[...]

Taste of Korea

Great Hall
Chuseok, also known as Hangawi, is a national Korean harvest festival holiday that is celebrated across three days beginning on the 15th day of the 8th month on the lunar calendar. Chuseok translates to "Autumn Eve" in English and is…[...]