Willmore Madness

November 5th: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm @ Willmore Center

An introduction to our WBB and MBB team will occur and that will be followed by students being given the opportunity to participate in a couple different contests. The contest are Pig, skills competition, lightning, bags, 3pt shooting, dodgeball, tug of war and we will be holding a grocery bingo session. We will have a dunk contest that will be put on by the MBB team and we are giving the opportunity for students to be the judges for the dunks. Students are given the opportunity to pre sign up to participate in the contests, but they can also just show up to the event and be chosen out of the crowd. Food will be served to the students from the concession stand. Gift cards will be given to the winners of the contests.

Upcoming Events


Ripon College Weekly Feminists Meeting

Heritage Dining Room
Join the Ripon College Feminists for our weekly meetings. We discuss various topics involving gender equality.[...]

RCDU Bi-Weekly Meeting

Commons: Joyce Lounge
Bi-weekly meeting for RCDU.[...]

Ripon College Democrats Weekly Meeting

Pickard Commons: Heritage Dining Room
A weekly meeting for discussions to take place and for people to eat.[...]

Ripon College Republicans Weekly Meeting

East Hall: Little Theater
Regular weekly meetings to discuss club business items and hold civil conversations about political topics.[...]

Catalyst Day

Catalyst Day  is designed to showcase Ripon College’s Catalyst curriculum and celebrate the achievements of the students who are completing the capstone seminar in Applied Innovation. Classes are suspended for students to attend the presentations.[...]