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julie johnson coaching

Julie Johnson Varsity Women’s Lounge

Julie Johnson, Hall of Fame Women’s Basketball Coach, is the first-ever female Athletic Director at Ripon College. Honor her by participating in the Julie Johnson Varsity Women’s Lounge Challenge.

Coach Elaine Coll Challenge

Coach Elaine Coll founded modern-day women’s intercollegiate athletics at Ripon College. Help us honor her pioneering legacy by participating in the Elaine Coll Hall of Honor naming challenge.

Coach Gordie Gillespie Challenge

Honor Gordie Gillespie’s renowned championship legacy at Ripon College by participating in the Gordie Gillespie Baseball Coach’s Office naming challenge.

Daniel Sutter ’01 Straightaway Challenge

Honor the memory of track star and coach Daniel Sutter ’01 at Ripon College by giving to the Daniel Sutter ’01 Straightaway naming challenge.

ernst challenge

Coach Ron Ernst Challenge

Join us in carrying on Head Football Coach Ron Ernst’s winning legacy at Ripon College by participating in the Ronald Ernst Football Coach’s Office naming challenge.

locker challenge

Locker Challenge

Show your support for the Revitalize Campaign for Athletics, Health and Wellness at Ripon College by making a gift today or staking your claim to a locker in the renovated and expanded Storzer Center.