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Business Source Premier (EBSCOhost) — Business research database. Full text access to more than 2,200 journals.

JSTOR — Full text access to the archive of over 400 journals. The most current 3-5 years may not be available due to JSTOR’s publisher-defined moving wall.

Academic Search Complete (EBSCOhost) — Full text access to over 4000 journals

Proquest Research Library — Full text access to over 2,500 journals

Credo Reference — Great starting point for research projects. Search in hundreds of encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, quotations, and subject-specific titles, as well as 200,000+ images and audio files, and nearly 200 videos.

Google Scholar
Useful for multidisciplinary access to scholarship. For narrower disciplinary searches, use research databases such as PsycINFO, PubMed, or Social Work Abstracts.


Newspaper Source Plus (EBSCOhost) — Full text access to more than 700 newspapers and nearly 700,000 television and radio news transcripts

Access NewspaperARCHIVE — Access to full text historic newspaper archive


Library Catalog — Find books and journals held at Lane Library.

FirstSearch — Access to WorldCat and ArticleFirst. Search for items not available through Lane Library (learn more about interlibrary loan).


ASAE and the Center for Association Leadership — Here is a free directory which gives the name and contact information.  Most other directories I found seem to require a fee.

North American Industry Classification System — By the U.S. Census Bureau.

WWW Virtual Library — Catalog of internet materials — Click on the Business and Economics category.

Government Portals

www.usa.gov — This is the main portal site for the U.S. Government.

www.wisconsin.gov — This is the main portal site for the state of Wisconsin.


Edgar — Company filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Contains many annual reports by major companies.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
— The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks the Consumer Price Index; labor and employment statistics (unemployment); and wages, including occupational information.

County Business Patterns — Sponsored by the Census Bureau, this site can give you statistical information at the county level from around the country.

Explore Census Data — Find tables, maps, and more of Census Bureau Data.

Fedstats — This website is a portal to statistical information from many varied government agencies.  There are over 100 agencies represented here.

GetFacts — This website is an interactive, innovative, statistical interface for Wisconsin.  It is sponsored by UW’s Applied Population Laboratory.  It covers population and demographic information.

International Data Base (IDB) — This database is sponsored by the Census Bureau and contains information about the population and demographics of the world.

National Agricultural Statistics Service — This site, provided by the USDA, provides information related to U.S. agriculture.  Both national and state information are represented.

U.N. Statistics Division — Worldwide statistical information made available by the United Nations.

Wisconsin Blue Book on the Web — See the most recently published Blue Books online.  The Blue Book is a State Almanac, full of interesting and useful data about Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Blue Book Archives — Sponsored by UW, this site is a digital archive of data contained in the Blue Book Series.


Explore Census Data — Find tables and maps of census data.

Statistical Abstract of the United States — The Statistical Abstract is a compendium of U.S. government statistics made available at this site as downloadable tables. While the online version has ceased publication, the current printed version is still available as “ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States.”


Wisconsin Business Page

Worknet Data Analyst  — This site, presented by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, provides economic data – employment, unemployment, wages, and occupations by area, county, or state for Wisconsin.

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