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We depend on nature for our wellbeing: nature provides us with goods and services as well as with aesthetic, spiritual, and recreational fulfillment. At the same time, humans change landscapes and overuse resources. Changes in land use, pollution, and climate change threaten wildlife globally. The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) estimates that one million species on land and below water are at risk. Extinction of this magnitude will greatly limit human wellbeing, particularly as environmental benefits and risks are not evenly distributed among populations. Among others, some examples include exclusion of native tribes from their land to toxic exposure in communities of color. (https://www.ipbes.net/ )

This challenge focuses on the relationship between nature, environmental justice, and human wellbeing. As a group, identify and research a specific problem related to this relationship, and make an innovative proposal to address it. Make sure to reach out to interested parties and integrate their points of view into your project.

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Credo Reference

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Call Numbers and Subject Headings

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  • GE1-350 Environmental sciences
  • GF1-900 Human ecology. Anthropogeography.
  • QH1-278.5 Natural History
  • QH540-549.5 Ecology


Books from Lane Library

All books in this list are located either in the Franzen Center on Floor 3A or are e-books.

  • Biological extinction : new perspectives / QH78 .B56 2019

  • Eden’s endemics : narratives of biodiversity on Earth and beyond / PN55 .C35 2020

  • Strange natures : conservation in the era of synthetic biology / QH75 .R43 2021
  • Wounded planet : how declining biodiversity endangers health and how bioethics can help / e-book
  • Working on earth : class and environmental justice / e-book

  • Environmental justice as social work practice / HV40 .E6685 2018

  • Green gentrification : urban sustainability and the struggle for environmental justice / HT241 .G68 2017

  • Failed promises : evaluating the federal government’s response to environmental justice / e-book

  • Rethinking environmental justice in sustainable cities : insights from agent-based modeling / GE220.C36 2017

  • Nature-friendly communities : habitat protection and land use / e-book

  • Pragmatic justifications for the sustainable city / HT241.H65 2018
  • The vanishing present: Wisconsin’s changing lands, waters, and wildlife / QH105.W6 V36 2008

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Government sources, Statistics, Websites

Government sources

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN): The IUCN is an international expert on conservation and conservation issues.

EPA’s Report on the Environment: The ROE compiles the most reliable indicators currently available to help answer 23 questions that EPA believes are of critical importance to its mission and the nation’s environment.

A Primer on Land Use in the United States: From the US Department of Agriculture


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