Colucci opinion pieces target significant world events

Associate Professor of Politics and Government Lamont Colucci has several recent publications related to current world events.

“Syrian Civil War: The Necessity of a Tactical, Operational, and Strategic Response” was published April 20, 2018, under the peer-reviewed Praeger Security Series.

The essay focuses on the American response to the Syrian regime of Bashir Al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his own people. This response, Colucci writes, “was a political and moral failure. Ethics and morality are fundamentally based on religious principles. This applies equally to individuals, nations and international systems. We use the term ‘civilized world’ to denote those same human demarcations that use ethics and morality in their decision-making, and those who do not are by default ‘uncivilized.’”

“Russian Military Adventures” was published April 27, 2018, by International Policy Digest.

Colucci writes, “Grand Strategy is the harnessing of military, political, and economic power over a significant period of time to achieve goals that have been dictated by history or indicated by the future. American presidential administrations tend to pre-occupy themselves with fighting crisis after crisis rather than expending limited resources on strategic visions that may not pay dividends for generations.

“In contrast to this, Russia tends to be more organized in the long view and often appears challenged by the here and now. History has dictated harsh realities to Russia ranging from geographic deficiencies to powerful and aggressive neighbors on its borders. A country with a dark history, and a sinister political culture, often creates strategic success out of necessity.

“Although far from being able to project power worldwide, the steps taken now are the building blocks to return Russian grand strategy to a global footing.”

“Taylor Force Act Shows New Approach to Terrorism” was published April 27, 2018, by Aminewswire.

“U.S. Army veteran Taylor Force survived Iraq and Afghanistan only to be killed by terrorists on an educational trip,” Colucci writes. “The West Point graduate was killed by a terrorist while in Israel in March of 2016. Force’s murder could have just become another statistic but, instead it inspired congressional action.”

He says Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado) implemented the passage of the Taylor Force Act last month “to condition assistance to the West Bank and Gaza on steps by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to end violence and terrorism against Israeli citizens.”

“It calls on the American representative to the United Nations to use her influence in the UN to highlight payments made by the Palestinian Authority that support terrorism, such as payments made to dead or imprisoned terrorist’s families.

“It calls on the United States Department of State to engage with nations that support peace between Israel and Palestine to highlight PA payments benefiting terrorism and use pressure on the PA to cease such activity.”

He writes that this act sends an important message to the Palestinian leadership.

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