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Catalyst Day Presentation Schedule for Spring 2024 | Wednesday, April 17th
10 a.m.“Housing for Heroes: An Initiative to Honor and Empower Homeless Veterans in Milwaukee County”
Our project addresses veteran homelessness in Milwaukee County. On any given day, 200-300 veterans are homeless in Milwaukee County. We look to greatly reduce the number with our state-of-the-art rehabilitation center.
Great Hall
Group 14 | Todd Nunn, Brock Warren, Haileey Pick, Carter Vaughan, and Mackenzie Weber
“Supporting the Mental Health of Adolescents in Green Lake County Schools”
This project creates an opportunity for students in Green Lake County to learn about their mental health and how to handle it, and gives Ripon College students a chance to combat the stigma surrounding mental health.
Todd Wehr 104Group 2 | Sarah Agboola, Benjamin Cabala, Breanna Miller, Jacob Schimick, and Camden Stampfl
“Connecting Communities: Strategies for Improved Access to Mental Health Facilities in Rural Northeast Wisconsin”
Our project seeks to improve the mental health of individuals in rural communities in northeast Wisconsin by improving the availability of transportation to mental health facilities and providing more access to providers.
Bear Auditorium, Farr 130Group 9 | Angelica Cho, Benjamin Porath, Emily Byington, Allen Bruce, and Anthony Damp
10:30 a.m.“Wellbeing 101: Implementation of Mental Health Education and Support Resources at Ripon College”
This project creates a hands-on, student-led program to provide alternative opportunities to aid Ripon College students with their mental health. It educates the student body and faculty on what mental health is and uses networking to destigmatize mental health and aid.
Great Hall
Group 3 | Kyle Bush, Sky Domingo, Aiden Sparkman, and Jeremy Timmons
“Creating a Mobile App to Fight Food Waste: A Small-Town Solution to a Worldwide Issue”
By designing a mobile app, we aim to reduce food waste by redistributing unconsumed, yet nutritious food from local grocery stores and restaurants within the Ripon College campus and the Ripon community. With a new alert system in place, this app will promote sustainability and social responsibility.thin the area.
Todd Wehr 104Group 10 | Emily Clouse, Calvin Battle, Tekiera Farrell, Matthew Murphy, and Zacary Zeznanski
“From Northern Milwaukee Soil to Table: Community-Driven Solutions to Food Insecurity”
The Hampton Heights region of North Milwaukee is one of the highest food insecure areas in Wisconsin. A way to resolve this problem is to build a local greenhouse with the help of the community, so that it can supply fresh food all year round.
Bear Auditorium, Farr 130Group 5 | Jacob Davies, Madeline Hablewitz, Kaley Kowal and Cavin Oppor
11 a.m.“PAWSitive Behavior: Creating an Affordable Behavior Clinic and Daycare to Combat Pet Relinquishment in the Milwaukee Area”
This project develops a plan to create an affordable behavior clinic and “daycare” site in cooperation with an already established animal shelter. This would allow families to find affordable ways to avoid surrenders or abandonment, thus decreasing the influx of animals to shelters.
Great Hall
Group 8 | Clay Ritschard, Hunter Hille, Juliana García, and Valerie Bruce
“Shared Commitment: Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities by Improving Parent-Teacher Relationships at Oshkosh West High School”
This project addresses the lack of productive communication between parents and teachers for students with learning disabilities at Oshkosh West High School. The ‘Shared Commitment’ program provides training and creates a community event to foster stronger relationships between all parties.
Todd Wehr 104Group 13 | Brooklyn Baker, Dylen Tutor, Sophie Czerwonka, and Trent Kazlauskas
“Green Means Go! A Traffic Light System for Avoiding Harmful Food Additives in Wisconsin”
Food additives are found in about 60% of the products Americans consume (eatrightpro.org). We wish to implement a Traffic Light Labeling System that would inform consumers of potentially harmful additives within products.
Bear Auditorium, Farr 130Group 12 | Madelyn Spranger, Jonah Lazo, Michael Vandermuse, Nathan Sigg, and Bella Opelt
11:30 a.m.Lunch (free for faculty and staff)Commons
1 p.m.“Beyond the Game: Enhancing Performances and Well-Being in Ripon's Student-Athletes Through Sports Psychology”
Within the Ripon College community, 47% of our students contribute to our talented athletics program. The solution we have discovered aims to educate and assist athletes and coaches in enhancing students' mental health and improving their performance in the game they love.
Great HallGroup 7 | Devin Ibarra, Julian Fulwiler, Brenann O'Leary, Parker Kohn, and Ty Rondesvedt
“Expanding Food Pantry Resources to High School Students Facing Food Insecurity in Fond du Lac, Winnebago, and Dodge County”
Food pantries across Wisconsin are struggling to get the correct resources needed to help those that are food insecure, especially high school students. By helping expand their resources through funding and other sources, nearby food pantries can be one step closer to serving everyone who walks through their doors.
Bear AuditoriumGroup 4 | Paige Brandsma, Kaitlyn Gennaro, Garrett Sanwick, Cincere Sanders, and Collin Schueler
1:30 p.m."Combating Childhood Obesity in Dodge County: Creating a Unique After-school Program Promoting Physical Activity and Nutrition Education”
Athletes from Ripon College collaborate with Lincoln Elementary School in Dodge County, WI for an afterschool program called ACTIVEco (Athletes Collaboration to Inspire Vitality and End Childhood Obesity). The goal of this program is to combat childhood obesity through increased physical activity and education on nutrition habits.
Great HallGroup 15 | Noah Johnson, Tia Endrizzi, Logan Vander Galien, and Autumn Gundrum
“Adolescent Drug Use in Fond Du Lac County: A New Alternative to an Outdated Program”
Creating an updated program to better educate adolescents in Wisconsin in hopes of preventing drug-related deaths.
Bear AuditoriumGroup 6 | Jacob Abraham, Jacob Blatchley, Abigayle Payne, Jayden Redecker, and Summer Schlieckau
2 p.m.“No Red Zone: Providing Natural Alternatives to Red Dye 40 for Children in the Ripon Area”
No Red Zone plans to provide elementary schools and daycare centers in the Ripon area with snacks and beverages free of Red Dye 40, which has been proven to trigger symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. Our program will also bring awareness to the benefits of reducing the consumption of Red Dye 40 in children.
Great HallGroup 1 | Ethan Bornhofer, Seth Bruzon, Isabelle Kennedy, Owen Mehring, and Alyssa Ratzow
"Resolving Food Insecurity in Underserved Communities: Delivering Nutritious and Affordable Foods to Kenosha and Milwaukee Counties"
This project aims to provide underserved communities in Kenosha and Milwaukee counties with easy access to fresh and nutritious foods.
Bear AuditoriumGroup 11 | Keon McNair, Avery Stonewall, Laneah Curtis, Zachary Paul, and Mitchell Lukasik