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Gain proficiency in the psychology field to prepare for a variety of graduate programs, both at the master’s and Ph.D. levels.


Explore your interest in fields like animal behavior, behavior genetics, cognitive or behavioral neuroscience, physiological psychology, psychopharmacology, neurobiology and developmental psychobiology.

Political Science

Engrain yourself in the timeless debates of politics while also becoming conversant with the actual functioning of the political systems of the United States and countries around the world.


Interact with, measure and explain systems in the universe from subatomic particles to galactic clusters as you learn how to apply the principles of physics to concerns of society.

Physical Science

Explore the dynamic field of material science, where new materials are continuously being prepared or discovered, to further prepare you for fields like material science, engineering and science teaching.


Pursue your own path to wisdom by encountering the best that has been thought and said about basic human concerns throughout civilization.


Acquire technical skills, cultivate general problem-solving strategies and develop the ability to communicate solutions clearly.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Discover the history, culture, contemporary affairs and the diversity of people in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Examine the complete scope of history and delve into every time frame and era to arrive at your own view of events.


Round out your skill set to communicate with native speakers of French, learn critical and theoretical approaches to texts and build cross-cultural perspectives from which to evaluate global issues.

Foreign Languages

Compare the structure and function of different languages and enrich your liberal arts experience by communicating in two languages while learning transferable skills that span to many different languages.

Environmental Studies

Customize your major in this interdisciplinary program as you study human interaction with the environment.


Study literature and deepen your understanding of the discipline to shape how you express your own ideas and respond to others.


Prepare to inform and lead organizations in making and executing effective decisions, such as resource use in business, nonprofit organizations and government.


Become an agent of change by deepening your understanding of the communication field and refining your ability to apply theories of communication to real-world situations.


Modern biochemistry explores life processes at the molecular level and connects experimental data to the bioinformatics space.