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Prof. Kristine Kovack-Lesh – Faculty Scholarship Series Presentation

Prof. Sarah Frohardt-Lane – Faculty Scholarship Series Presentation

Silent Spring 50 years later: saving bird species in a changing world.

Dr. Jeffrey R. Walters, Harold Bailey Professor of Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech will speak about his career in bird conservation. Dr. Walters’ research focuses […]

Tribeta honors initiation

Initiation for new members of the Tribeta honors society in biological sciences

Catalyst Day

Catalyst Day

Students presenting at Catalyst Day

Catalyst Day 2021 – Fall

Catalyst Day — held each fall and spring — is designed to showcase Ripon College’s Catalyst curriculum and celebrate the achievements of the students who […]



Momentum is the summer bridge to an academically enriching, community-minded and culturally diverse environment for highly qualified students from historically underrepresented and first generation populations. […]

Example Event Two

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Example Event

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