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At Ripon College, students produce their own research with faculty guidance. It’s one of the advantages of attending a college where your professors work alongside you and are dedicated to getting you ready for life beyond the undergraduate experience.

In the labs, the library, the archives, the fields, streams, lakes, and prairies around our beautiful campus and internationally, Ripon students are actively building their research experience and frequently graduate as published scholars, sometimes as solo authors and sometimes alongside their fellow students and faculty members.

Over the past year, Ripon students working with faculty in chemistry and biology have had their work featured in Nature Protocols Exchange and other publications. Their work has extraordinary variety, everything from the process of creating new biodegradable plastics to exploring the energy potential of a termite’s gut.

Students from the College regularly travel to literature, classics, drama, politics and government and other conferences to present the work they’ve undertaken at Ripon. Over the past year alone, a number of students have had their work published, and a group of history majors even had a book published.