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The Center for Politics and The People is making available funds—$2,000 per CPP Internship Fellowship—to support internships of Ripon College students. If you wish to apply for supplemental funding for your internship, please complete the following form. The funding awarded is not intended to completely fund your internship, but to help with missed income and expenses such as gas money, rental assistance for an out-of-town internship, etc. These are only a few examples of potential uses for the fellowship. Note that this fellowship is not intended to cover all expenses. The number of fellowships awarded will depend on the money available in a given year for funding, but normally there will be five granted each academic year on a rolling basis.

Criteria: The internship you have secured must conform to the mission statement of the Center for Politics and the People, shown below, to qualify. You must be a Ripon College student in good standing. The student may or may not have an internship secured when applying; however, all stipend funds will only be dispersed upon a signed agreement with your internship site which must be obtained within a reasonable timeframe after approval. You will need to share the signed agreement with the CPP directors as soon as you receive it. Internships will be awarded based on academic achievement and how much the internship is shown to contribute to one’s career goals.

Mission Statement: The Center for Politics and the People at Ripon College was created to promote constructive political debate, analyze public policy, and foster the engagement of citizens and their government. Inspired by the principles of the American founders and the legacies of our great leaders, The Center will create a forum for dialogue, research, analysis, and dissemination of ideas about local, state, national and international issues. Policymakers, academics, experts, candidates and politicians will present and defend their ideas and solutions for the benefit of the country, people, and community. Students will learn how to pursue careers in politics and government. The electorate will find scholarly, accessible and relevant research that connects political thought and effective governance.

Fellowship Application Process: Submit the application form on the following page and a brief essay that explains how the internship helps you pursue a career in public affairs. The essay must include a description of your internship as well as any other pertinent information you would like to share. The application and essay must be submitted to both directors of the Center for Politics and the People. A decision will be made within two weeks of receiving your application.