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The Director of Foundation and Government Relations prepares and submits grant proposals on behalf of Ripon College to external foundation and government funding sources and facilitates the submission of grant proposals by individual faculty members and academic departments. This is achieved in four distinct ways through: grant identification and research, grant submission and negotiation, institutional preparation and professional development, and grant records management.

Resources for Faculty and Administrators

For complete submission guidelines, the Grant Submission Approval Form, information on specific funding sources, lists of recently submitted grants and other grant-related information, please visit the Faculty Development section of the MyRipon portal here.

Grant Identification & Research

The Director of Foundation and Government Relations:

  • Identifies, researches and communicates with foundation and government funding sources
  • Responds to individual faculty and staff requests for assistance in identifying potential funding sources
  • Monitors funding notification systems, e-newsletters and grant postings
  • Assists in scheduling appointments for college representatives to meet with foundation and government agency representatives when appropriate to the pursuit of grant opportunities
  • Reviews RFPs and application guidelines, condenses grant guidance and disseminates grant information to faculty and staff
  • Cooperates with Prospect Management and Research to track and maintain grant related data for the institution
  • Works with gift officers to determine ways to connect academic department priorities with donor visits.
  • Grant Submission & Negotiation

The Director of Foundation and Government Relations:

  • Gathers and organizes financial, historical, budget, staffing, academic, demographic, student body and graduate information required for grant submissions
  • Serves as a liaison between the College and funders before, during and after grant submission including negotiation of funding terms and amounts
  • “Coaches” faculty who plan to submit grants and provides necessary technical assistance as needed to complete and submit applications responsive to funders’ requirements; facilitates and monitors proposal development including pre-and post-award processes; vets faculty developed grants including review, correction and editing as appropriate.
  • Develops grant proposals on behalf of the institution
  • Acquires supplemental grant documents such as support letters, CVs, job descriptions, tax exempt documents and audit reports, etc. as required by funders
  • Routes grant proposals for internal review and administrative signatures
  • Serves as authorized organizational representative for the submission of electronic applications thru Grants.gov and other funding sources requiring electronic submissions.
  • Institutional Preparation & Professional Development
  • Meets throughout the year with faculty and academic chairs to identify funding goals and priorities
  • Acquires and organizes institutional data commonly used in grant applications
  • Creates and presents grant training opportunities throughout the year for faculty
  • Develops and posts grant related information, guidance, funding announcements, successful grant highlights and “boilerplate” information under the faculty development tab on the myRipon portal
  • Coordinates meetings with the Proposal Development Committee to discuss grant awards, grant reports and new grant opportunities.
  • Grant Records Management
  • Develops policies and procedures for grant submissions and retains original copies of all grant proposals regardless of authorship
  • Serves as the repository for all grant related documents submitted including: RFPs, complete application packages, electronic submission verifications, grant award notifications, denial letters, readers’ comments, reporting requirements, grant close-out documents and all other grant related correspondence
  • Maintains a record of all grant report due dates and notifies PIs in advance of report due dates to ensure compliance.