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How does Ripon College define “international student?”

Ripon College recognizes that there are many types of international students on our campus. While the traditional definition includes only those without U.S. citizenship, at Ripon international students include non-U.S. citizens who attended high school in the U.S., non-U.S. citizens who have never been to the U.S., dual citizens, and U.S. permanent residents.

Is there someone at Ripon from my country?

We are excited to have a diverse population of students on campus during the academic year. International students account for about 3 percent of our campus population. Our students have come from Myanmar, China, Kenya, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Australia, Nepal, Indonesia, Togo, Congo, Mexico, Canada, Philippines and South Korea. We welcome your culture and your background to our campus and believe you will find a home away from home at Ripon College.

What resources are available on campus for international students?

International students have access to the same resources as our domestic students do. You will have a faculty adviser who meets with you each semester. You can request tutoring, work with our Student Support Services office, study in Lane Library, access our Health Services and Counseling Services and many other resources on campus. To learn more about these resources visit the Student Life page.

Does Ripon offer English as a Second Language or other intensive English programs?

The College does not currently provide English as a Second Language or other intensive English programs.

A neighbor to Ripon, Wisconsin English as a Second Language Institute (WESLI), located in Madison, Wisconsin, provides students with a variety of services. Individuals can enroll in their program and apply to Ripon after admissible English speaking levels are attained.

How do I obtain a visa to study at Ripon College?

Once a student has been admitted to Ripon College and paid the $600 enrollment deposit, they will be contacted by Hannah Grassnickle, international admission counselor, for next steps to study in the United States. Ripon College is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

How do I apply for financial aid?

As an international student you do not qualify for federal funding from the United States government. At Ripon College you are eligible to receive scholarship funding should you meet qualifying academic criteria. In order to be considered for additional financial assistance, you must complete and submit a Ripon College Certificate of Finance Form (PDF).

The International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA) form through College Board will also be accepted.

Please note that you must include an official, notarized financial statement as a supplement to either form.

How can I estimate the cost of tuition and room and board?

Ripon’s 2024-25 comprehensive tuition is $62,700. (Click here to see all fees included in undergraduate tuition and fees.) This includes tuition, room, board and the student activity fee. Not included in the comprehensive fee are costs associated with books, health insurance, airfare, I-901 and SEVIS fees, and incidental costs once you arrive. Please refer to the International Student Scholarship page for more information.

Can I work to help pay for my education, and do I need a work permit to work in the United States?

Yes, you are eligible to work while you are in the USA on an F1 visa. In order to work while in the USA you will need to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) which we can help you do once you arrive on campus. Please review the federal regulations regarding your ability to work while in the USA on an F1 visa.

What is the weather like in Ripon, Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is fortunate to have four seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer. Each season is beautiful and will bring a new experience for you. In fall (September – November), temperatures will range from 71 degrees fahrenheit in September (22 degrees celsius) to 40 degrees fahrenheit in November (6 degrees celsius). In winter (December – February), Ripon experiences snowfall, which provides opportunities for sledding or skiing, building snowmen or creating snow angels. You will need a warm jacket, insulated boots, gloves and a hat as temperatures during the winter months average 29 degrees fahrenheit (-2 degrees celsius) and can be as cold as 0 degrees fahrenheit (-18 degrees celsius). In spring (March – May), the snow melts, temperatures rise and flowers and leaves begin to sprout and grow. Temperatures in Ripon during the spring are as warm as 70 degrees fahrenheit (20 degrees celsius) and will reach lows on average of 40 degrees fahrenheit (4 degrees celsius). Rain is common in the spring and you’ll want a nice umbrella and/or rain jacket. Most students travel to their homes over the summer months (June – August). During these months, the city of Ripon and surrounding communities are active with weekend festivals, live music at the city park, and many outdoor activities. The average high temperature in Ripon during the summer is 79 degrees fahrenheit (26 degrees celsius) and the low temperature averages 60 degrees fahrenheit (14 degrees celsius).

What are the residence halls like?

Ripon is a residential campus, which means that over 96.5% of our student body lives on campus for all four years of study. Students have a variety of living options, which include a traditional double room with one other roommate, a single room, a double-single room, a suite style with three other roommates, and apartment style living for upperclassmen.

Where can I receive medical care in the area?

Ripon College has a Health Services Center that includes medical resources and counseling resources free of charge to all students. Our campus resources are available to help you with non-emergency or basic healthcare concerns. The City of Ripon has a state-of-the-art hospital and trauma center as well as three walk-in clinics.

Am I required to have health Insurance while studying at Ripon College?

You are not required to have health insurance. If you are interested in having health insurance for your time in the U.S., you have a couple of options available to you. U Cover and Study USA plans are both options for our international students. International students planning to participate in athletics, intramurals, or club sports at Ripon College may require health insurance. Please work with the Ripon College Admission Office to identify what coverage you may need.