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Hours & Contact Information

Fall Semester Hours

Monday-Friday: 8 am – 4 pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

*Doors lock 10 minutes prior to closing.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (920)-748-8175

Library Staff

Peter Conlon

Conlon, Peter

Assistant Librarian - Access Services

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Andrew Prellwitz

Prellwitz, Andrew

Librarian-User Services and Director of Lane Library

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Amy Stephens

Stephens, Amy

Acquisitions and Business Manager Departments: Acquisitions, Cataloging

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Library Policies

All circulation history is anonymized upon the return of items to the library. Circulation history is only retained in the case of in-use, overdue, damaged, or missing items. Patrons must opt-in if they would like to retain their circulation history and can adjust their privacy preferences at any time by signing into their library accounts (https://library.ripon.edu/).

We do not release the circulation history of any patron to anyone else for any reason. Patrons may only take out items on their own account unless they have written, spoken, or standing consent of another patron (for example, a professor who often sends students over to pick up books).

Ripon community members are welcome to use resources at Lane Library during the hours the library is open. Local community members who would like to check out resources from Lane Library should request an application for a Community Card at the circulation desk and have a check ready payable to Ripon College in the amount of $100. Community card memberships run August 15th through August 14th of each year and need to be renewed annually. Due to restrictions from database vendors, we cannot offer use of databases other than our library catalog to community members. However, as a Federal and State depository library, Ripon College provides free public access to Federal and State depository material, both in print and on the computer. Patrons requiring access to government depository resources should inquire at the circulation desk.

When computers are in high demand we ask that they only be used for academic work; anyone using a computer for non-academic work may be asked to allow another patron to use the computer. “Academic work” includes research using the Federal and State depository resources.

The library is for all members of the Ripon College community. We ask that you act in a manner respectful of your fellow community members at all times when in the library. Anyone who does not may be asked to leave.

Cell phone conversations are allowed in the library in the following locations: the front lobby, the stairwells, or the conference room.

Food and covered drinks are permitted in the library as long as care is taken to keep library materials and furniture clean. Please respect your fellow students and don’t bring in food that has a strong smell (pizza, for example).

There is a bulletin board in the main entrance for posters. Any posters posted outside of this area without consent of a librarian will be taken down.

During the school year, the computer lab is open all times the library is open. When it is reserved for a class, the individual instructor may or may not allow students who are not in the class to use a computer.

Floors 1A, 1, 2A, 2, and the silent study room are designated quiet study areas. Please respect others’ need for a quiet environment by confining conversation to the main floor and the Franzen Center (3A) or the conference rooms (4), which offer many areas for groups to work together.

Student Employment

Students interested in working at the library should drop an application off at the front desk, email the completed form to Peter Conlon: [email protected], or apply through Handshake

Click here for the Student Employment Application »

Student Job Descriptions

Archives Assistant | Supervisor: Andrew Prellwitz
Tasks include processing, cataloging, and filing archival material, general maintenance of the college’s archival collection, and creating exhibits for the museum and library.

Cataloging Assistant | Supervisor: Amy Stephens
The person(s) in this position will be responsible for finding, editing, and downloading computer records for new books and materials in the Lane Library. Possibility of advanced work as priorities permit and the student shows potential.

Circulation Assistant | Supervisor: Peter Conlon
Assistants are responsible for customer service to library patrons during all open hours. The main tasks include checking out and in of library items, maintaining proper placement of all library items within the building, and helping patrons locate desired media. Other duties as assigned.

Interlibrary Loan Assistant | Supervisor: Peter Conlon
Maintain incoming and outgoing interlibrary loan requests and ensure databases reflect circulation of these items. Locate books and articles via the worldwide web to fill patron requests. This position fills at least one hour per day each weekday.

Materials Processing Assistant | Supervisor: Amy Stephens
The person in this position will be responsible for preparing new materials to go out on the shelves. This includes stamping, security tagging, and securing spine labels to new collection materials. The position also involves shelving books, and other duties as assigned.

Serials Assistant | Supervisor: Peter Conlon
Process and shelve the library’s journals, magazines, and newspapers. This position fills at least one hour each weekday morning.

Floor Maps

Floor 1| View Floor Plan »

  • Bound Journals
  • Stacks (Call numbers)
  • Government Documents

Floor 1A | View Floor Plan »

  • Stacks (Call numbers)
  • DVD and Film Collection
  • Map Collection
  • Microfilm & Microfilm reader

Floor 2 | View Floor Plan »

  • Stacks (Call Numbers)
  • Oversized books (Quarto)

Floor 2A | View Floor Plan »

  • Stacks (Call Numbers)
  • Restrooms

Floor 3 | View Floor Plan »

  • Circulation Desk
  • Copier Room
  • Wisconsin’s Own Library Collection
  • Western Americana Collection
  • Franzen Center
  • Group Study Rooms
  • Current Periodicals
  • Reference Collection
  • New books
  • Faculty and Alumni Collections
  • Catalyst and Course Reserves

Floor 4 | View Floor Plan »

  • Conference rooms
  • Silent Reading Room
  • Archives