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What is a residential college?
Ripon College is a residential college, which means that all students, except those who are married or living with immediate family in the Ripon area, live on campus all four years they attend the College. With the majority of students on campus, Ripon College is a true community where students live, socialize and study together.

How are roommates assigned and when will I find out who I will be rooming with?
Roommates are assigned based on the information you provide on your housing application under “Compatibility Preferences.” The answers to questions such as “Do you need to have absolute quiet to study?” (and others listed) will help to pair you with a roommate who has a similar living style to your own. You should think critically about how you answer these questions. Take into account the type of environment you want to live in to be academically successful and be honest in your response. You can contact the Residence Life office at any time to update those before Summer Orientation if you feel the need. You should expect to receive your rooming assignments by mail in mid-to late July.

How are rooms assigned to returning students?
A room lottery is conducted each year in late spring. Independent students select rooms based on class status. Upcoming seniors choose first, followed by juniors and sophomores. Students who join a Greek group are housed within space allocated to that group. The group assigns members to rooms based on criteria developed within their group (i.e., class status, GPA, etc.).

Can I move in early?
It is important that you make every effort not to arrive on campus prior to your assigned move-in day. However, if you are flying in or have some special circumstances that require early arrival consideration, you must call the Office of Residence Life well in advance to get approval to do so (920-748-8186). A per-night fee may be charged to your student account for doing so.

What is the difference between bunking and lofting?
Bunking beds refers to stacking one on top of another. Lofting involves building a structure to support the bed above the ground. If students would like to bunk their beds and will be living in Tri-Dorms, Johnson or East Scott, metal extenders are needed in order to do so. The Physical Plant Department will need to come into the room to bunk them. A request for this can be made by contacting the Residence Life Office and through the myRipon Portal. There are a limited number of supplies for this available, so it is first-come, first-served. Please ask a residence life staff member to assist in this process. If students would like a loft, it is necessary that they rent one from the College’s loft provider, College Products, Inc. This program is easy to use, and lofts and futons are delivered to campus on move-in weekend. Students interested in participating in this program should click here.

Are there smoke-free living areas?
All residence halls are smoke-free. Smoking is allowed only outside residence halls on porches and patios.

May I bring a pet?
Students are allowed to have small aquarium fish in the residence halls. No other pets are allowed. The maximum aquarium size is 10 gallons per student. For more information on policies about items to bring to campus, check the Student Handbook.

Where do first-year students live?
Most First-Year Men live in Scott Hall, while some may live in Tri-Dorms (Shaler, Evans, or Wright). First-Year Women can live in Tri-Dorms, Johnson Hall, or Scott. Middle Scott and Tri-Dorms have either traditional double rooms or suites. Johnson and East Scott have traditional double rooms. Suites consist of two bedrooms, separated by a common room. As students indicate their preferences for double rooms or suites, they should consider carefully which type of environment would best fit their social and study skills.

What is included in the residence hall room?
Every residence hall room has one bed, desk, and closet space for each resident. Wi-Fi internet is available throughout campus. Students are allowed to bring appliances such as microwaves, small refrigerators (4.5 cubic feet max), televisions, stereos, and computers to campus. Please note that air conditioners, space heaters, toasters, and halogen lamps are among items not allowed in our halls. For more information on policies about items to bring to campus, check the Student Handbook.

What is the difference between East Scott and Middle Scott?
East and Middle Scott are both sections of the same building. They are connected by various stairwells, hallways, and common areas. Room numbers ending in 30-47 (for example room 130, 137, 244A, 345B, etc.) are in Middle Scott. Room numbers ending in 01-11 (for example 104, 206, 411, etc) are in East Scott.

What is my mailing address on campus?
Each student is assigned a unit number. They keep that number all four years they are enrolled. That unit number becomes your mailing address. You do not need a student’s room number in order to send something to them in the mail.

For example:
Student Smith
600 Campus Drive Unit #100
Ripon, WI 54971

Where can I study in the Residence Halls?
There are lounge spaces in all of our residence halls for students to gather socially and to study. Some of them have large TVs for students to use while others are quieter for personal study spaces. Many of our residence halls have kitchen spaces as well for the building to share. Some students find it comforting to study at a kitchen table even when they get to College.

What sort of security does Ripon have?
A contract security company is on duty every night. They do rounds of the campus and can be contacted to provide an escort from campus buildings and parking lots to the residence halls. In addition, there is at least one student staff member on duty every night who does rounds of the area for which they are responsible. There are also three Residence Hall Directors, professional staff members, who are each responsible for an area of campus. One Hall Director is on duty each night from 8 p.m. until 7 a.m. the next morning. The RA’s and Hall Director’s phone numbers are posted in each of the residence halls. In addition, Ripon utilizes a key card access system in all of the buildings in which students are housed. This is done in an effort to ensure that only Ripon College students have access to the residence halls during the day and only building residents have access at night.

Do I need an insurance policy to cover my belongings in the residence halls?
The College assumes no responsibility for damage, loss or theft of the personal belongings of students. This includes personal articles damaged or lost in washers and dryers. You should check your parents’ home insurance policy to request information regarding coverage while attending the College.

Is there cable TV in the residence halls?
Starting in the fall of 2024, the residence halls will no longer offer cable TV as the popularity of streaming services has made this service ineffective towards our strategic planning goals.

How do I do laundry in the residence halls?
Laundry facilities are located in each of the residence halls on campus. The Laundry rooms are open to all on-campus students and have no additional costs!

Is there wireless internet in the residence halls?
Yes, Ripon College has campus-wide Wi-Fi so there is no need to bring ethernet cables for your dorm room.

Is there anything fun to do on campus?
Of course! Most weekend nights there are programs sponsored by the College or student groups for students to attend. The Ripon After Dark programming series and our programming board, Ripon Live!, plan plenty of events through the year. There are also many programs that take place in the residence halls that are sponsored by the Residence Life office for you to hang out with other people that live in your building or meet new students from other areas of campus. Living on campus means that there is never a dull moment!

To get all of your questions answered, contact Director of Residence Life Mark Nicklaus.