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Transfer students must complete a minimum of 32 semester credits at Ripon College, including at least one-half the credit hours required for any major or minor and, except under circumstances described in the Ripon College catalog, the senior year must be spent in residence. As a rule of thumb, all college-level coursework in a liberal arts and sciences discipline will be accepted as transfer credits provided the courses were completed at an accredited college and a grade of C- or higher was earned.

The requirements for a degree at Ripon College are:

    • Completion of 124 semester credits
    • A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00
    • Completion of a major (the grade point average for the courses presented for the major must be at least 2.00)
    • Completion of the Catalyst Curriculum
    • Credits from online, hybrid, e-learning, blended, or comparable courses taken at accredited institutions can be accepted. Approval of transfer credit for these courses will follow the same procedures used to evaluate transfer credit for traditional courses. No credit will be given for correspondence courses. Transfer grades are not included in computing a student’s GPA at Ripon. The catalog contains all of the policies regarding the degree requirements.

How can I see how my credits and experience will transfer to Ripon?

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