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Ripon College guarantees that students who entered as first year degree-seeking students and satisfy the following conditions will graduate in four years:

  1. The student declares a major prior to the start of their fifth semester at Ripon College.
  2. The student does not change their major after the start of their fifth semester.
  3. The student earns a 2.00 GPA in courses presented for the major with grades of C- in each course after eight semesters.
  4. The student completes 124 credits after eight semesters.
  5. The student completes the Catalyst course requirements within eight semesters.
  6. The student earns a cumulative GPA of 2.00 after eight semesters. 

 Through this guarantee, Ripon College assures students that coursework needed to complete the degree will be available.

If the student who qualifies for this guarantee does not complete his or her degree requirements in four years, the college will waive the student’s tuition for the courses needed to complete the degree requirements at Ripon College.

The guarantee does not extend to the completion of a second or third major, minor, professional/graduate school entrance requirements, teacher preparation programs, ROTC, or other programs external to the college which require more than 124 credits.

Students enrolled full-time must live on campus.  Exceptions are considered by the Office of the Dean of Students.

To exercise the guarantee, the student must be approved for the guarantee by the registrar and apply for financial aid. Any portion of tuition not covered by federal or state gift assistance will be waived by the college.