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Computer Science

Ripon’s computer science major offers diverse career opportunities, a foundation for innovation and problem-solving skills, versatility in specialization, competitive advantage, continuous learning and the potential for entrepreneurial ventures.

Biomedical Science

Prepare for fields like the health sciences, molecular and cell biology, and environmental disciplines such as toxicology with this interdisciplinary program.


Ripon College is launching its first engineering program to coincide with the opening of the new Franzen Science Center in 2024.


Choose from three areas of concentration: music education, performance and history/literature-theory.

Secondary Education

The secondary education major leads to teacher licensure in the middle and high school content areas (grades 4-12) of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies.

Elementary Education

This major will lead to licensure in regular education in kindergarten through ninth grade.

Music Education

Prepare for or achieve licensure to teach music in K-12 schools.

Computer Science – Mathematics

Develop disciplinary expertise and technical skills specific to mathematics.

Computer Science – Physics

Develop disciplinary expertise and technical skills specific to physics.

Computer Science – Chemistry

Develop disciplinary expertise and technical skills specific to chemistry.

Computer Science – Interdisciplinary

Craft a personalized approach to computer science, data science and the liberal arts by working with an academic adviser to select a sequence of courses from other disciplines that combines technical skills and liberal arts inquiry.


Sharpen your problem-solving skills by working through quantitative and qualitative problems, developing a broad skill set that is applicable to many areas of work and life.

Exercise Science – Human Performance

Prepare for continuing your education in strength and conditioning, occupational therapy, physical therapy and entrepreneurial endeavors such as opening a fitness gym and providing personal training.

Exercise Science – Sports Management

Learn the planning, organizing, managing and budgeting aspects of a department or organization whose main purpose is related to sports or physical activities, and be introduced to law and its relationship to sport, physical activity and sport business.

Exercise Science – Physical Education & Health

Prepare for or achieve licensure to teach physical education in K-12 schools.

Exercise Science – Athletic Training

Learn the fundamental concepts of prevention, recognition, care, evaluation and rehabilitation of common athletic injuries to prepare for graduate school or a number of therapeutic health fields.