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Welcome to Counseling Services at Ripon College! If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at:
  • Phone: Emily Johnson, CRC, LPC, Director - 920-748-8344
  • Phone: Amanda Prachel, LMFT, Assistant Director - 920-748-8312
  • Email: [email protected]
Students who are in a situation where danger is imminent and immediate help is required (suicide attempt, assault, harm to self or others) should call 911 or utilize the Emergency Numbers/Resources listed below. If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat 988lifeline.org to contact the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

Location and Contact Information


Ripon College student walking up to the main entrance of Bartlett Hall

3rd Floor Bartlett Hall

300 W Seward St.
Ripon, Wisconsin


Emily Johnson with dog Simon in counseling office.

[email protected]

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Take a mental health screening

Take a mental health screening to receive information, resources and tools that help you understand and improve your mental health.

Mission Statement

Counseling Services exists to support the educational mission of Ripon College. We believe in providing mental health services that enhance the growth and development of all students – not only during their educational journey at Ripon, but well into their lives afterward. We strive to promote personal growth, psychological well-being and a safe environment for self-exploration.


Information shared by students with a counselor is confidential. The boundaries of confidentiality, and the exceptions that exist, will be discussed with each student at the first appointment. We cannot disclose any information about your appointments to others without your written consent. Counseling Services records will not be part of your academic record. Ripon College Counseling Services complies with state and federal laws regulating confidentiality as well as professional ethical codes.


Initial Intake
First appointments are non-emergency, 30-minute sessions. They consist of completing necessary paperwork (including Demographic Information, Symptom Checklists, and Informed Consent) prior to meeting with a counselor. The counselor will then meet with you to gain a better understanding of your current concerns and how Counseling Services can best help you. At the end of this first appointment, you and the counselor will select a plan which best meets your needs (e.g., individual counseling, group educational session, one session only, or a referral to another campus office).

Subsequent appointments are typically 45 minutes long and are scheduled by your counselor at the end of your session. (Most students utilize 6-8 sessions per semester, but many express that their initial concerns are resolved much earlier.) We are unable to offer standing weekly appointments, since we need to meet the needs of all students who may be interested in counseling.

Students who are experiencing crisis, or are in distress—and there is not a risk of imminent danger—can contact Counseling Services at [email protected]. Counselors monitor this account daily (during regular business hours) and will communicate with you to set-up a same day 30-minute Initial Intake to determine the need for immediate intervention. Please inform the counselor that you are in need of a same day appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I contact Counseling Services for an appointment?
    The most efficient way to communicate with Counseling Services is via email: [email protected]. Include a brief statement of what your concern is and when your schedule would allow you to meet with a counselor. This account is monitored throughout the day (during regular business hours) and your email will result in a responding email from one of the counselors providing you with an appointment date/time.
  • Where is Counseling Services located?
    Counseling Services is located on the third floor of Bartlett Hall.
  • When can appointments be scheduled?
    Counselors are available to schedule appointments Monday through Friday. Our first appointment is at 8:30 am and our last one is at 3:30 pm. Counseling Services is open during the academic year.
  • Is there a fee to talk with a counselor?
    Counseling services are available to all currently enrolled Ripon College students at no cost. In the event that an off-campus referral is made for more specialized or extensive assessment and treatment, fees for those services would become the responsibility of the student.
  • How are additional appointments structured?
    Follow-up appointments are typically 45 minutes and are scheduled by your counselor. We are unable to offer standing weekly appointments. Most students utilize 6-8 sessions per semester, but many express that their initial concern is resolved much earlier.
  • What are the credentials of the counselors in Counseling Services?
    Emily Johnson, CRC, LPC and Amanda Prachel, LMFT are masters’ level therapists who are licensed as professional counselors in Wisconsin. They have decades of experience providing mental health services to individuals with a variety of concerns.
  • What kinds of concerns do students come to Counseling Services to discuss?
    Academic difficulties/motivation, Anxiety, Depression/Suicidal Ideation, Eating Concerns/Body Image, Family Issues, Grief, Mood Fluctuations, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Sexual Assault/Abuse/Title IX, Sleep Issues, Stress, Transitions, and an array of other topics! Students also come in because they are concerned about a friend or family member and would like to learn how to be helpful to that person.

Emergency Numbers & Resources

  • 911 (Emergency Responders)
  • 988 (call or text) or chat 988lifeline.org (Suicide & Crisis Lifeline)
  • 1-920-929-3535 (Crisis Intervention for Fond du Lac County)
  •  741-741 (Text START to communicate with Crisis Text Line)
  •  1-920-926-5395 (ASTOP Sexual Assault Services)
  •  1-920-748-8703 (Campus Security)

Counseling Services Policies

Missed Appointments – Students are responsible for the timely cancellation of appointments they do not plan to keep. Repeated failure to do so may result in the loss of access to services for the remainder of the semester. Students who arrive late, no-show for appointments or cancel at the last second, unfairly deprive other students of access to counseling. Cancelations can be made by emailing [email protected] or the individual counselor with whom the appointment is scheduled.

ESA Documentation

An Emotional Support Animal is a pet that has been prescribed by a licensed therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist as part of a treatment program. Ripon College Counseling Services does not provide letters recommending emotional support animals. We suggest that students receive such documentation from their prescribing provider.

Court-Mandated Counseling

Counseling Services does not perform court-ordered or court-mandated counseling or assessment. We also do not provide primary substance abuse treatment, but will provide students with appropriate referrals.