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Campus Allies serve a critical role in Ripon College’s mission to connect to and support the needs of a diverse student body.

The Diversity Leadership Roundtable is a forum for students, faculty and staff working on issues related to diversity at Ripon College to share ideas, coordinate efforts and collaborate. Members will not formulate official policies for the College but may be a venue for independent groups and individuals to work on joint projects promoting the acceptance, inclusion and celebration of multiple types of diversity at Ripon – racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, ability, national origin, etc.

The Roundtable openly welcomes staff, faculty and students who are interested in participating in the forum or workshops that are periodically offered on campus including: Safe Zone Training and the Social Justice and Leadership Retreat. The following Ripon faculty and staff members are part of the Diversity and Leadership Roundtable, and serve as mentors for students seeking unity and a support system on campus. Many of these individuals also have participated in safe zone training.

Faculty & Staff Allies

  • Andrea Young, Special Assistant to the President and Liaison to the Board of Trustees
  • Jackie Clark, Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology
  • Marc Eaton, assistant professor of sociology
  • Sarah Frohardt-Lane, assistant professor of history
  • Joe Hatcher, professor of psychology
  • Herve Some, associate professor of educational studies
  • Mary Unger, assistant professor of English
  • Maria Mendoza-Bautista, director of multicultural affairs