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Ripon College seeks unity amongst its students, faculty and staff through building relationships with its members, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, spiritual and religious life and nationality.

Our world is shaped by different communities of faith, tradition, theories and belief systems. Whether you’re looking to engage in philosophical discussions about life and meaning or want to find a family of fellow believers, we encourage you to explore.

Ripon hosts multiple student-led organizations dedicated to spiritual and religious life. Students are encouraged to develop personal faith walks in Cru and Campus Christian Fellowship. Activities such as church visits and tours, Bible studies and service opportunities build relationships among these students, regardless of denomination.

The Secular Student Alliance is yet another option for students. This organization unites and educates nonreligious students in discovery of scientific inquiry, human-based ethics and secularism. Here, students participate in lively discussions, debates and panels to continue the conversation. They collaborate with the national organization of the same name to fulfill these needs.

At Ripon College, you’re free to experiment, support such efforts and practice if you so choose.