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Parallax is meant to provide Ripon College students with an open forum for creativity in the form of a professional publication, and to expose the journal’s editorial staff to the rewards and challenges of the editorial and publication process.

A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief, Grace Larson

Parallax is an important tradition on this campus and still stands today as the primary way for Ripon College students in the fine arts to share their talent with the broader campus community. In our present circumstances which have physically separated us from one another, I hope that this publication, even in digital form, will serve as a way to bring us together. To the artists, photographers, and writers, I sincerely thank you for sharing your work with us. After all, this publication could not exist without your contributions. I wish you luck on your future creative endeavors and hope you continue to share them with Parallax.

To the Parallax editorial staff, I am grateful for your dedication to the group and for the many hours you have put in to make sure our publication is the best it can be. Thank you for allowing me to lead you. I have enjoyed getting to know all of you. Above all else, our meetings were my favorite part of being editor-in-chief. I know that the publication will flourish under your care in the years to come. To both the editors and contributors, though you cannot hold the book in your hands, you should still feel incredibly proud of yourself and your work. I hope you enjoy the magazine that we have put together for you this year.